How Mankind Choses to Live Outside Of The Will of God
From my book," Who Made God," 'An Incredible Journey Into The Light' Helen M Nanney

The Beginning of Disobedience
If Adam knows something God does not (namely evil), and
exists in his own interpretation of good; he will be as a god. He believes he knows and controls things that God does not and
that he has a mind, power, and existence of his own making.
Does this sound familiar? It should, for this is the lie embracing the duality of good and evil side by side as our life.
We live our divinity in the shadow of our perfection, thus each mission of life will inevitably be a personal, spiritual,
incredible, journey into the light of God.

God embraces each of us in His divine presence, no matter where our dreams lead. He hears our cries but He cannot change our minds or He would usurp us of free will. We find Truth from the lessons we must learn in order to know Him. We have free will. We are not mutants made from matter, which is foreign to God. He gives us spiritual direction and His infinite blessings of life, intelligence, joy and peace. We cannot hear Him in hearts silent to spiritual importations. We must be willing to change the way we view the world, and see it in spiritual light, not through the lens of mortality. Our darkness will be each of our sources of discord until we individually embrace the Christ-light.

This Bible writer exclaimed: "For I bear them witness that they have a zeal for God, but not in accordance with knowledge. For not knowing about God’s righteousness, and seeking to establish their own, they did not subject themselves to the righteousness of God." Rom.10: 2,3

There is no reality of evil within God's divinity. One can be in
the presence of someone delusional but does not see or believe
what the others delusions are to him or her. This does not mean
the delusion is unreal to the person, or part of our truth.
Everything the way we now see it will change, as individual's
find the light of Truth. We see things now from a distorted sense of creation. These distortions are our disruptions. Today one can see these unnecessary disturbances in the chaotic weather around the world. Though the mental cause of our disturbances is little understood the disruptions will not subside until we tune into the songs of Soul-God where disruptions do not exist.

We can help the world escape the predictions of the awful
consequences of evils impact on our lives, in these end times, if
we make a firm effort to change the way we live, believe, and
behave. We will inevitably have to view the world in the light
of our divinity. Much the same way a person will see reality
when their delusion expires. Then one will be awakening to
there light and can experience health, joy, beauty, and eternal
harmony. The attraction of His universal Love knows no boundaries and no race. All are included in His Love consciousness. He is
Love, and is imaged in individual divinity.

It is imperative to understand that individual awakening,
healing, and being spiritually motivated, is the only way to
improve the world’s mental climate. It is an incredible journey
for each of us as we embark on experiences exciting, rewarding, and worthwhile. The promise that God will make the deserts flourish is fulfilled as abundance for all, and waste and lack will be no more. Then there will be no more famine anywhere on the globe and no more harm, hate or wars.

Ripple Affect: The peace and joy of God’s blessings
emanate to each of us, and are felt in the expressions of the
Love, purity and innocence, that are of God. Our lives will have
A ripple affect of discord or harmony, accordingly, as to what
are our aspirations. It will have a reverb affect on the lives of
those around us. This is not a Pollyanna approach to correct
material discords. It is a spiritual unfoldment of our capabilities when we submerge into God’s light, and receive the blessings that are already ours as His beloved children.

Each individual helps to illuminate the world as the universe glows from the radiance of spiritual understanding. While on our incredible journey into the light, we will learn things about the world difficult to fully comprehend at this moment of worldly knowledge. As we journey into our individual light harmony and Love will be felt and expressed in all ways of life, toward each other and everything.

There is nothing in the universe out of God’s control no
matter what is ones reality. As the world mentally and
spiritually submerges into His light, what we perceive as
disruptions will disappear. As each of our light grows brighter
and spiritual experiences become our own, new vistas of
spiritual understanding will unfold. You might be a very
religious person or an unbeliever that does not matter.
Ultimately, here or hereafter each will take that incredible
journey into the light.

Our divinity is God’s Truth, and no one can fall out of his or her rightful place as His spiritual expression. There is no outside to the principle of music, numbers, or God’s infinite, knowledge. In sleep nothing outside of the sleeping dream changes nor has reality while asleep.

The Bible says: "Awake thou that sleepest and Christ shall give thee light"

He is the light of the world. He faced all the claims of evil as a power and overcame the world. All we have to do to escape the woes of the world's darkness in these last times is to follow him in our thoughts and behaviors.

Author's Bio: 

I am a country girl that has spent all of her life seeking the Truth. As I was studding on this very thought provoking subject, God spoke very loudly to my thought, A BOOK, It has taken me a long time to get it right as I did not want to miss represent Him in any way. When I begin to wonder if it was right and done, I asked Him for an answer. He gave me three visions in the next three nights. All had horses in then. I record one of them in my book.