I'm taking for granted that anyone reading this has done some work in self-discovery, self-healing and spiritual enlightenment. If that is the case, then I know my next suggestion will be something you have heard before.

To self heal or have "spontaneous healing" you need to do what I'm going to ask you to do again and again until you find your answers. In meditation, ask your guides/inner voice/higher consciousness (any place where your answers lie), "Please tell me how does my illness serve me?" Then hear the answer.

I know this goes against everything your conscious mind thinks, "I didn't create this, I don't want this, this doesn't serve me," but if you don't find this out you will continue to be "stuck" in illness. In your studies, I'm assuming you've learned that we attract everything that happens to us into our lives. Now, you have to believe it, and know that you can find the answer, and let it go. Ask, "What could I be holding on to that makes my illness stay?" And, this time, don't be afraid of hearing and really taking in the answer. It could be as simple as resentment, anger, or fear of something that might seem very silly to your conscious mind, but very serious to your unconscious mind.

In my book, "If You Hear the Message Three Times, Listen," I wrote about how I went inside in meditation during a particularly bad CFS episode and heard a sing/song child-like-voice in my head singing, "They'll be sorry if you get sick." It was when I had pressure from lawyers over my husband's estate case, when my mother was dying of Alzheimer's, at the same time my neighbors were suing me for a huge amount of money for storm damage. Lots of good reasons to want to escape, and my way to escape was to get sick, just as I'd done when things got too hard to handle when I was a child.

I almost laughed in meditation when I heard the answer, because, "they," the lawyers, relatives, neighbors, wouldn't even know if I got sick, nor in their circumstances would they care. I let that "hook" go and came out of the meditation well and then laughed at the absurdity of it all. I was well, who cares why I got hooked into feeling ill?

We don't have to dwell on the answer, just recognize it, let it go and it's over. I have to do this again and again whenever I start feeling ill, or when life isn't going well. Each time it's something my rational mind cannot understand or doesn't want to deal with.

Another example that seemed really silly to me, was when I found myself getting ill as I was traveling to get a car registered in Delaware. I went quickly inside in meditation and found I was angry with my husband for dying and leaving me to handle car problems. Car problems? In my unconscious mind that was something he loved to do and I didn't. I didn't even have to take it deeper and recognize how resentful I was at him for dying and leaving me with the estate mess, or how much I missed him and wanted to count on him taking care of me. It all that came out as "car problems." I laugh at the absurdity of it all, let it go and again came out well from illness.

Know that holding onto illness or creating illness, any illness, can be for the most nonsensical reasons. However, if we don't find out what those reasons are, and laugh at them as we let them go, we will stay ill by retreating from a fear that to different aspects of ourselves is greater than the fear of illness/accidents/or even leaving this life entirely.

Don't judge the answers you hear, just give lots of love and joy to that aspect of yourself (many times a child aspect) that is holding onto it. Bless it and let it know it's safe and you (as your warrior or wise woman, adult masculine, adult feminine aspect) will take over and handle things from now on, letting go of the thought that was holding you hostage.

I have clients who have healed themselves or allowed themselves to be healed from illnesses as serious as leukemia, to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, to bladder infections, to headaches and bee stings and everything in between. Across the board, spontaneous healing is possible with any illness if we are willing to find out how it serves us or why we are attracting it and then let it go.

Author's Bio: 

Patricia Heller is an international author of the Amazon.com best seller, "If You Hear the Message Three Times, Listen," now a best seller in Norway. She is also a gifted life coach and healer. You may read more about her at www.patriciaheller.com and reach her through that site.