You’ve done your research, read some books, perhaps even viewed instructional videos on the topic. Everyone is talking about sensual massage, the depth of the connection it enables and of course, the mind shattering orgasms it helps produce.

You’re ready to embark on some more practical experience, but where to start?

It helps to have a plan before you start massaging your partner. Erotic massage can end in orgasm there on the table or it can be just a warm-up for things to come. In either case, it bears noting that while most women can have orgasm after orgasm (and some are more likely to achieve vaginal orgasm if they have already come once or twice manually) men will generally need a break after. For this reason, it’s a good idea, if exchanging favours, for the woman to go first, or to stop before ejaculation is achieved.

Setting the mood is also an imperative. After all, the reason it’s called sensual massage is that it incorporates all the senses into one incredible sexual act. The room should be warm enough for each partner to comfortably undress. It should be free from distractions and have a pleasant, arousing odour.

Many people dim the lights, depending instead on candles for light. A stick of incense or scented candles can add a rich dimension to the overall sensory experience.

Lay your partner over a soft sheet and encourage them to take deep breaths. Breathe deeply yourself, aware of the exchange of oxygen and the flexing of your muscles as you do so.

Begin slowly and gently, working your way down your partner’s body. Do not rush. This experience is meant to eroticize not just your partners genitals but to awaken their entire body to it’s sexual potential.

Pay particular attention to their body language and communication, particularly as you approach their genital area. Different partners have different preferences when it comes to manual stimulation and even the most silent of lovers will betray their desires with their bodies.

When the massage is done, wrap your partner in the sheet, creating a sense of comfort and security. Allow five to ten minutes for your partner to arise. Their body will be extremely relaxed and returning to an upright position can be overwhelming at first.

When it’s your turn, communicate with your partner as you would have them communicate with you. Take note of the sensations they provide and provide them with gentle guidance towards what works for you.

A fully tantric experience takes time and practice, so keep working on it. In time, you and your lover will take one another to greater and greater heights.

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Author's Bio: 

I’ll like to introduce myself – I’m Guido Harris and I have been a freelance writer for a number of years. The focus of my work has been sexual pleasure and techniques, especially those focusing of the exploration of our innate sensuality – i.e. the pleasuring and stimulation of all 5 senses: sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.

I discovered erotic massage 3 years ago and without sounding OTT – it has transformed my life. I have since delved into many other massage art forms such as deep tissue, sensual, tantric, - all of which require focus, intention and consideration for the self and the beloved.