On September 11th, 2008 I am offering a FREE phone-in broadcast in which I will be offering my guided meditation “The Breath of Peace” from my CD Walking with the Blessed Mother.. to the first 90 individuals who want to be apart of this wonderful guided meditation night to give back to all those souls who gave that which they had to be apart of - a World wide recognition of change on our planet and that which we are as One to each other.

The Universe is opening up all to us on this day as we are guided by The Councils of Light - The White Brotherhood, All those in the Spiritual Realms will be illuminating humanity with an abundance of over flowing peace and love. The day of the re-birthing of our Nation as a whole, and all Nations across Mother Earth. A wake-up call to all Children of One that it is time. It is time, as we will be bringing in the Light of greater Peace and Love for each living being in the Universe which is our own. As we will be gathering to be as One in this bask of illumination that is descending upon us. The new energies and frequencies are coming our way, we need to assist one another during the upcoming changes in our times and that of the new changes coming our way of Soul awareness as we approach 2009 and what the energies will be preparing us for in this next coming year. Many are recognizing this as Mother Earth's Day for Planetary Healing. Let us all gather together for this wonderful meditation being one with Mother Earth, The Council of Light & the Angelic Spiritual Realms. This guided Mediation will also activate, cleans and clear you throat and heart chakra to a whole new level.

Be apart of the Peace & Love this night, join me as we are welcomed by the Angelic Choir of Angels as they will teach us the Breath of Peace to then form with us an Angelic grid around Mother Earth to then send the Peace from within our hearts. As a world of light workers it is our mission to be and do that which we can to be the Peace that we seek so much. To love and be loved, to give and receive.

Is it not time right now for Mother Earth and all living beings to truly receive the Pure Peace and Love that is worthy of receiving? I honor all of those souls and their loving family & friends who had contracts to be apart of the devastation that day. I honor all Across the Miles who reached out to every person affected by this devastation that we went through not just as a Nation but as a whole World consciousness.

So join me on September 11th 2008 at 7:00 pm EST for this phone-in telecasts to honor all those lovely souls with whom we Love and who are at Peace.

Love, laughter & Light, Adele

This Telecast is open to the first 90 individuals who would like to join Adele a she offers her guided meditation “Breath of Peace” After you register you shall be sent a phone number and dial in code # to call that night at 7:00 pm EST.

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Adele Linsalata is an Internationally known Author of The Visionary Messenger, and A Guided Journal along with her amazing recorded Guided meditation CD's., Spiritual Radio Talk Show Host, Channel, Platform Mediumship and Angelic Producer. Adele is an internationally known Visionary Messenger, Metaphysical Teacher and as a gifted Clairvoyance Medium who works with what is known as a sixth sense working in the Spiritual Realms. Adele’s visionary insights and predictions will amaze you as she walks you through her world of the spiritual realms. Adele offers mediumship development classes, guided meditation CD’s, Lectures, Readings, Workshops and Seminars. Adele is available for speaking engagements and Seminars in your area on topics about Mediumship, Angels, Ancient Teachings and Spirituality. Adele conducts private workshops, seminars or classes with your group to teach psychic development and Mediumship. Visit us at: www.angelicwiseones.com and www.lighttalkers.com