There are several things happening around us, several offences that we see every day. This happens because we deal with people who we do not know are criminals. We employ people at home who we think are good people, going by their innocent faces or believing what they tell us. We employ nannies, because we usually never suspect young women who look vulnerable. We employ people in the office who sound efficient and look smart.

There was no way of knowing what people are thinking or what their past is, except taking their word and hoping they would turn out to be as we expect them to be, good and trustworthy.

Now that the level of awareness and consciousness is higher, it is time to take stock of the situation. It is our combined responsibility to keep the society safe. It is not only the duty of the judiciary or law enforcement, but also the public has a major role to play.

Especially sex offences are the worst and we need to ensure our loved ones are safe. Sex offenders usually look for vulnerable and easy prey, so ensure you are not one.

Luckily, now there are resources available for us to check on people on the internet. We can check the sex offender records for all the people we have employed around our family or even check on people before employing them, ensuring an even better safety.

If for some reason, you need information immediately, you can also use a professional service by paying some money. If you have the time, do a search by yourself online, but a professional service will be able to provide you with the most accurate information related to the sex offender records.

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