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Owning an online business and publishing an ezine can
be very frustrating, AND rewarding! There can be 100's
or even 1000's of websites and/or ezines that are almost
exactly like yours. What can you do to make your online
business stand out from the rest?

The number one answer to this question is - add your
own personality to your business and in your ezine.

I subscribe to probably over 100 ezines and most of
these I do not even read. The ones that I like to read
are the ones that contain some personality. I like to
know that there is an actual person that I can identify
with or get in touch with if I have any questions.

You are the main thing that makes your business unique!
Use this to your advantage.

*Connect with your readers. This is the whole purpose
of your ezine. By doing the following, you will make
that very important connection.

*Let them get to know you. Have a section in your ezine
where you talk to your readers and open up to them. I
am not talking about pouring out all your personal
problems to them, but share the part of yourself that
makes you who you are. Share little tidbits of your
life so they know that you are a real person and they
can connect with you.

*Treat everyone with respect and courtesy. This is one
that unfortunately some people forget these days. This
one goes both ways for readers and publishers. You
have to remember we are all in this together, so let us
treat each other as we would want to be treated. Yes,
the Golden Rule, which I believe in strongly!!

*Be as helpful as you can. Offer your expertise, advice
and support whenever possible. Learn to understand
what your readers/customers want and need. This will
help form a strong bond.

*Let your passion and spirit come through. This is
very important also. By letting your love for your
work shine through, you will be "contagious"! Your
readers will get caught up in it and they will become
passionate as well.

*Include some original content. Always write some of
your own content so there is a part of your ezine that
is in no other ezine. If you write your own articles,
(yes, you should) this will help give your ezine its own
identity. Subscribers will look forward to reading
each issue because of the original material. If you
are not ready to write articles, even writing a short
editorial or introduction to each issue will make a
big difference in originality.

*Build Yourself to Build Your Business - In essence,
you need to build yourself and your reputation in order
to build your business. Show your readers that you
are someone who knows what they are doing and
that you can help them succeed as well. You want
to prove that you are dependable, trustworthy, capable
and definitely unique!

Publishing an ezine might be simple, but creating a
unique, powerful, and personality-packed connection
with your subscribers is a bit harder and much more

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