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Now that you have your ezine named, designed, formatted
and ready to go, who do you send it to??

To get subscribers, you need to promote your new ezine.
There are several ways to do this that are effective and
free. Included in these are:

*Ad Swaps
*Writing Articles
*Announcement Lists
*Networking on Discussion Lists and Message Boards
*Joint Ventures with Fellow Publishers
*PopUnder Window
*Submitting to Directories
*Link Exchanging

Some of these methods take a lot of time, so what you
want to do is work out a system and get on a regular
schedule to save time.

*Ad Swaps - You will need a few subscribers before you
can participate in ad swaps. Ad swapping is simply
running another publisher's ad in your ezine and in
return he/she will run your ad in their ezine. Most
publishers will participate in ad swaps, however there
are a few that are quite fussy about the number of
subscribers you have. In my experience, I have only
run a cross a few who will not swap with the smaller

To find fellow publishers to swap with, you an read
other ezines. The publisher will very often have his
swap request in his ezine. There are also ezine swap
lists, ezines, and directories. Below are a few to help
you get started:


To find more places, simply go to or your
favorite search engine and do a search for ad swaps.

*Writing Articles - This has to be one of the most
powerful methods of promoting yourself and your
ezine/website. Writing quality articles gets you
established as an authority and people will begin to
trust you and believe in what you say. Do Not Abuse
This Trust!

Publishers and Webmasters all over the web will publish
your articles and you will begin making a name for
yourself. There are a few things to remember when
writing an article.

Do not make the article a sales letter. You want to
provide helpful, real information that the reader can
actually use. You can put your business info in the
resource box at the end of the article.

Provide the links/email so the reader can go directly
to the resource and utilize it and the instructions you

Add your own personal experiences where applicable.
People are interested and do benefit from others who
have "Been There, Done That"! ;-)

Provide basic, real information that can be easily
understood and utilized. People are not interested
in big college words, they want useful information!

Follow these guidelines and you should be able to write
quality, helpful, publishable articles. After you have
written your article, you will need to submit it. Here
area few places to get you started:

*Announcement Lists - This is not the most power
packed method but for a few minutes work each day it
does bring in some subscribers. Subscribe to some
lists, get your system set up and send away. I have
my announcement for each list saved in a folder on my
desktop ready to just click and send. I also keep note
of the date each announcement is to be sent so I know
exactly which ones go out on which day. Each day it
takes me about 5 minutes to send out my announcements.
Get started with these lists:

In the next part of the series, I will discuss networking
with discussion lists and message boards and also joint
ventures with other publishers. Until then, please feel
free to email if you have any questions about this
or any other article. Good luck to you and see you next
week. ;-)

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