Marina’s perfectionism annoys her husband, Dan.

Marina cannot relax if whatever she does is not perfect. Of course, nothing is ever perfect and thus Marina is usually in a very tense state. This attachment creates for her anxiety, fear, and a continual sense of danger.

This tension is transferred to her husband, Dan, who cannot understand why it takes Marina so long to do something, and why is it so important for her to do it over and over. He believes she is wasting her life away on details and losing the essence.

She, on the other hand, is usually angry with him because he does pay enough attention to details, which are important to her, especially when it pertains to order and cleanliness.

He feels suppressed by her constant nagging and is annoyed by her habitual tardiness. She is angry with him because he does not help her, and he is in angry with her because she is causing him to waste time in details that are not important.

What could they need to learn in order to create happiness and harmony?

Could she need to learn some of the following lessons:

That her worth as a person is not dependent upon the results of her efforts or what others think about her?

That she is not more lovable because she has done more, or done it more perfectly?

To accept herself exactly as she is?

To accept and love others exactly as they are? To realize that the results of any endeavor are produced by many factors, one of which is her effort?

To offer all the results up to the Divine?

To discontinue measuring herself in comparison to others?

To make time for relaxation and reflection in her life?

To free herself from past experiences that may have programmed these feelings within her?

To see herself and all others as immortal souls in the process of evolution who are learning through every experience?

Could he need to learn some of the following lessons:

To understand Marina’s needs and help her satisfy them?

To help her get free from her needs?

To express clearly what he can do and what he cannot?

To express his needs and feelings without accusing Marina?

To pay more attention to details?

To go about with his program and not wait for Marina when she is late?

To accept and love her as she is?

With self-analysis and love, they can work this out.

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