Autumn Greetings!

I hope that you are enjoying the precious transition that is taking place all around us. Not only is Mother Nature releasing what no longer serves her, but as her children, we are transitioning as well. Just as our powerful sister Snake sheds the skin which is dead and done, we too must let die what must die. Life is always a constant life/death/life cycle and Nature creates the perfect palette for us to paint upon as we dance our “death.”

Most societies upon this planet do not teach or support the importance and beauty of death. Yet, it is an absolutely necessary and unavoidable experience that all of life must undergo. We die and are reborn many, many times as we journey around the great medicine wheel of life. If we are fortunate enough to have a strong spiritual foundation containing the wisdom of death as both a final farewell to our physical body, and the many energetic deaths we experience throughout our physical existence, then our awareness will guide us through the processes. At some point though during our learning, we become painfully aware of what is happening when we enter life’s transitions. We may find ourselves “mourning” what is ready to die ( or perhaps what has already died.)

During the autumn season, we see the process of transition everywhere. It is stunningly gorgeous. We do not see the tree lament over the leaves that fall for she knows new, healthy ones will grow again soon. She appreciates the time of dormancy so she can rejuvenate, revitalize and re-energize. She understands well the process of life/death/life. When we experience an energetic death, we too need the space to go within. We must honor what needs to die and celebrate what is about to be born. As it is said, one door must close for the other to open. What doors do you have propped open by fear, never to close. What doors are waiting to open? Your intuition knows the answers to these questions.

When we are connected to our intuition, we are unmistakably aware of what must die. We inextricably know it is time to shed old skin, enabling new life, new beauty, and new form to take place.

Our intuition is not something disposable to be used only when needed – it is a force that is intertwined with our very soul. We cannot be without this guidance, yet many are unaware of it. For some, intuition is a fleeting essence that appears unreachable. The good news is, it is never unreachable. Intuition is within each and every one of us and can be accessed by simply understanding our personal relationship to it.

As you walk upon this great planet, taking in the breath-taking splendor that surrounds you, breathe deeply. Listen. Let the medicine of Snake wind her wisdom around you. What is your intuition telling you. What part of your life, or of your very essence is ready to die? What amazing magnificence is awaiting birth? Will you nurture the process? You are ready and you are stronger than you may know.

Much Love & Many Blessings,

Author's Bio: 

Founder & Director of the International Awareness Academy, Melinda Rodriguez is an expert Intuitive & Personal Development Coach and has taught extensively in this field nationwide, internationally and locally at California State University , Fullerton. She is also a Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Spiritual Counselor through the American Board of Hypnotherapy.
Melinda is recognized around the globe as an esteemed and well-respected teacher and mentor in the field of personal & spiritual growth. Her mission is to help humanity awaken and embrace their authentic, intuitive self. Through teaching and leading motivational events throughout the country, Melinda has helped thousands of people discover their inner wisdom with more than 12 years professional experience and a lifetime of intuitive awareness exploration. Melinda enjoys working one-on-one with clients as well as leading seminars and retreats and is passionate about facilitating others to tap into their own unique intuitive style and apply it to everyday life.