Look around you. Maybe you are one of those who has been tuning in and have become
aware of the changes being sensed on many levels. We have been residing for several
hundred years in a world that has focused predominately on the physical, mechanical, and
scientifically explainable view of reality. But now, like a window that has been shattered by the compelling force of Mother Nature, the new consciousness is reaching critical mass and blowing into our lives. As if to clear out the stale, outdated model of existence, we are being given the subtle message “Get ready for the ride!”.

For much too long we have ignored the deeper side of inner life that provides a richness
unparalleled to any other. We have become like armies of worker ants, following along,
without question, doing what we are told. For so long many of us have accepted as unbridled truth- the information we are given from the large corporations, organizations and government-as being is in our best interest. Like the obedient child who is ill, we take the recommended doses given, placing absolute trust in these groups. But unlike the curious child, we haven’t continued to explore, investigate, and seek possibilities while searching for our own truth. That is… up until now.

Change is upon us. It is everywhere and has been for the past few decades. Almost as if
awakening from a deep slumber, many are beginning to sense the shift. Like any change that arrives at our doorstep, first there is stubborn resistance. This creates a state of chaos.
Following this disorientation out of our comfort zone, comes a gradual settling as things are sorted through. Finally a clearer understanding emerges, a knowing from within, when that proverbial “light bulb” moment hits, and we move ahead.

As humans, there are many levels to us- the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the
spiritual sides. To maintain a harmonious life we need to keep a balance in each of these
areas. We are not simply mechanical, physical beings capable of producing only mechanical, physical results. Therefore, not everything can be demonstrated or explained in these terms. We can only demonstrate and explain that which we have developed the ability to do. We obstinately cling to the belief that if its real, it can be proven in objective form, with the same results replicated over and over again. We are told subjective and antidotical accounts have no place in real science, regardless of how often the results can be replicated.

In the area of traditional western health care, for example, much of the burden is placed on being able to scientifically prove the efficacy of a particular treatment modality or drug for a given condition. Anything not able to be verified as scientifically and statistically effective is discarded. This places us in a vacuum of knowledge. We are often led to believe the “experts” know best. Any thoughts, ideas, or intuitions that we may have, that would be considered outside the box of traditional practice, could be viewed as quite dangerous. And that may be so- in some cases, but so too, might the expert opinions as well. It does not take too much research to peer back in time to the visionaries of previous eras who were ridiculed or ostracized for their awareness.

There are many instances in which individual awareness far outpaced the awareness and
acceptance of the established scientific community, much to the detriment of society.
Ignaz Semmelweis, a Hungarian physician had discovered by 1847 that the simple practice of handwashing before working with patients could save lives, but his discovery was rejected and met fierce opposition by the medical establishment until the 1890’s, when germ theory became accepted, and many unnecessary lives were lost. Known for his discovery of AC current, Nikola Tesla’s ideas were ridiculed because he was ahead of him time. “ In Britain, after the lime was proposed as a cure for scurvy, a serious disease caused by malnutrition due to depletion of vitamin C, the British medical establishment declared the proposal laughable and refused to put limes aboard ships. It took another 50 years to convince an entirely new generation of physicians that the cure actually worked, and over that sad half-century, thousands of sailors needlessly lost their lives.” The Wright Brothers were laughed at, with mainstream scientists concluding that trying to fly any machine heavier than air was absurd. Even after several demonstrations of their flying aircraft, “Scientific American, the New York Herald, the US Army and most American scientists discredited the Wright Brothers and proclaimed that their
mechanism was a hoax.” Professor Du Moncel referred to Thomas Edison as “The Sorcerer of Menlo Park” who does not appear to be acquainted with the subtleties of the electrical sciences. Mr. Edison takes us backwards. One must have lost all recollection of American hoaxes to accept such claims." Ken Olson, president of Digital Equipment Corporation in 1977 is quoted as saying "There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home." (Milton, Richard (1996) Alternative Science: Challenging the Myths of the Scientific Establishment Vermont: Park Street Press) These are just a few examples of how the mainstream scientific and medical communities, proved themselves critically lacking as the expert, which in turn, delayed acceptance of procedures and technologies that have since provided benefits to mankind.

As we move further along in our personal development, we may find much in common
with the above visionaries. As we begin to explore the innate abilities we have, we will discover many interesting things. The further along in this journey I go, the more I am convinced the world we live in is complexly simple. By this I mean, it is complex, like the creation of a masterpiece of art, with layer upon layer, much of what is still unknown, yet simple, in that each element included in the layer requires a simplicity rather than complex set of technologies and standards to unlock the keys of understanding.

Some of the avenues of discovery we make, will lead to personal ridicule or criticism by those we are close to. This is part of the process, the step we are required to take to begin turning the wheels of change. As a people, we are in an evolutionary process. We are in the state of transitioning from a society with an authoritarian point of view to one of a more collaborative perspective. Many people are beginning to move more toward self-empowerment. This will create a movement of personal investigation with an unwillingness to blindly accept another’s opinion or expert testimony without first taking the information through our own filters- searching for our own truth. Society is growing up, which means taking more personal responsibility rather than handing over our power to outsiders. Some individuals are more prepared to take this step than others at this time. Those who are uncomfortable with this new direction will resist. This resistance may manifest through disbelief and mockery of those with whom you share your experiences. But this is all right because it can begin to open up the avenues of further investigation by planting the seeds of change for those who are feeling challenged.

So what do we do? We allow ourselves to be open to new experiences, to see things with a new set of eyes. We pay attention to what we are learning, not just on a mental level, but more importantly, on the heart felt level. We reconnect with the powers of nature by making observations then incorporating what we learn. We let go of personal ego and work for the betterment of all living things. We take steps to reclaim personal responsibility for our health and general welfare, working in a collaborative relationship with professionals, rather then allowing ourselves to be dictated to. We accept that there are forces outside of our realm of understanding, that may provide us with better ways of doing things, yet are not explainable in our traditional scientific terms. We prepare to get to know ourselves on a deep, inner level. This journey like an exhilarating roller coaster ride is at times both thrilling and scary, but in the end leads to great gains in personal growth and development. So the choice is ours…we can either wait in line or climb on aboard!

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Susan Anderson, is the owner of Seeds for Change Wellness, located in Sellersville, PA. She is a holistic health practitioner and teacher, with a comprehensive website related to health, wellness, spirituality and the environment. Have a related site yourself? Why not partner with her site by exchanging links at www.seedsforchangewellness.com