Are you familiar with the concept of an “elevator” speech? It’s a little speech that people involved in networking are supposed to have prepared and memorized in answer to the question “And what do you do?” It’s called the elevator speech because it is supposed to be so clear and short that you can say it in less time than the span of an elevator ride and people will have a good understanding of what it is that you do, or what services you offer. This opens up the next step in the conversation.

If it is a “good” or effective elevator speech, people should be saying “Tell me more . . .”, or “How do you that?” And you are off to engaging in a conversation with someone that may be interested in getting to know you better – or at least long enough to know if what you have to offer is of any interest to them. The purpose of the elevator speech is to engage the right people in behaviors that will lead to you getting what you want too - - i.e., setting an appointment, getting a request to send information, and so forth.

If it is an ineffective “elevator” speech, you will know immediately because you will see people’s eyes glaze over, or the response might be a very polite, “oh, that’s nice . . .” dropping the tonality at the end because they really have no clue about what you are talking about. End of conversation. End of any possibility that people will be interested in you, let alone what you have that may be of benefit to them. End of any further chance of any of the steps that move both of you along the path to a win-win deal.

Personal affirmations are like little elevator speeches that you give to yourself to help you along the path of engaging in the responses that give you a win in life or in business. The wrong self talk can stop you dead in your tracks. Negative self talk is like an ineffective elevator speech. The right self talk however, or affirmations, will propel you forward. If having a few affirmations at the tip of your tongue is not something you are currently doing, please start now! The right affirmation at the right time will push or pull you forward to the actions that bring you success in your life and in your business.

I’ve just ran across two very powerful affirmations that I want to share with you. The first is from Matt Bacak, a young entrepreneur that has accomplished amazing results in his short 29 years. Last year he made nearly $4 million in gross revenues. He uses this affirmation when he is learning something new. In the information age and with the speed of change, that’s almost every day! His affirmation is “It’s easy. I like it”.

Now, imagine hitting a learning curve that is so steep it looks like a brick wall, and now tell yourself - - - “It’s easy. I like it”. Notice your mindset change, your attitude change, the fears dropping away, your shoulders and jaw relaxing, the added depth to your breath, and maybe even a little smile coming to your lips.

Even if you know that what you are learning is difficult and complicated, your attitude has changed. Just replacing your self talk of “it’s just too hard - - -I’m overwhelmed” to your new affirmation of ‘It’s easy . . . I like it’ gives you a whole new way to distinguish, see, identify, observe, notice, understand, comprehend, become aware of, or realize and make sense of what was blocking you just a moment ago. At the very least, it gives you a renewed sense of energy or enthusiasm that helps you keep going on your learning path. How good is that?

Now here is one from Dr. John Demartini. He got it from his mentor, Dr. Paul Bragg. “I am a genius and I apply my wisdom”. It totally changed his life, taking him from a school drop out to the man we know today. And you can use that same affirmation to pull you along the path to success. I truly believe that every single person has a unique genius that if recognized and applied would totally change their future.

I use the power of affirmations to sustain the mindset changes that clients achieve in their very first coaching session. I have my clients print out an affirmation uniquely designed just for them and they agree to read it and memorize it and use it every day until it becomes a habitual mindset. This has been very rewarding and powerful.

What affirmations can you use today? Ask your friends and family members or coworkers if they use affirmations and what is working for them. Look some up on the internet, or use a quote you love. Then, when you hear that old negative self talk that brings you down, immediately replace it with something affirming. When I catch myself in negative self talk, I playfully slap myself on the forehead and say “I could have had a V-8!” You remember the old commercial. And I laugh and immediately replace it with an affirmation that works for me. Make it fun. You will be glad you took the effort.

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