There are several side effects of aspartame. Yet, most of us are unaware of them as the facts remain a closed secret. The diet industry prefers to keep products containing aspartame on the shelves to help ensure their profits. Many conventional doctors and medical practitioners also deny the side effects of aspartame.

Some people are fortunate to have an immediate reaction when taking products containing the chemical. Their immediate reactions can range from having a bad migraine, to feeling faint, nervousness and stomach cramps. If they are observant enough, they would quickly remove aspartame from their diet. Most of us are not lucky enough to have these immediate reactions or do not even link them to aspartame. Still, it is important that you are well aware that aspartame can have plenty of side effects.

The most common symptom related to aspartame poisoning is headache. Other symptoms often felt with consuming aspartame include problems with vision, including blurred vision, blindness, and other eye problems. There have been cited reports of emotional and mental health issues as well. Some people reported memory loss, depression, mood issues, vertigo, and anxiety. Nausea and other stomach disorders are prevalent in aspartame poisoning. Other severe physical symptoms are also associated with aspartame poisoning. These include muscle cramping and joint pain, loss of energy, and heart attack-like symptoms.

Ironically, recent studies have also shown that aspartame may increase the risk of obesity. Experts found that sweet tastes trigger body chemistry that causes cells to store carbohydrates and fats. When this happens, you crave for more food. Hence, aspartame and other artificial sweeteners stimulate your food cravings even more; countering the exact reason why you consume an artificial sweetener in the first place. Some studies even indicate that those who consume diet soda are more likely to gain weight than people who avoid them.

If you wish to avoid having to experience the side effects of aspartame, you can easily substitute aspartame containing products with healthier ones. You will find that healthier consumables are also no less delicious. For example, a tall glass of iced green tea can be just as refreshing as diet soda. Eating refined flour cookies with an artificial sweetener may disappear into your tummy very quickly but can still leave your cravings unsatisfied. Instead, get full and contended with consuming a thick, chewy oatmeal cookie made with raisins and almonds.

If you have been a consumer of aspartame, then it is time to reverse some of your old thinking that article sweeteners are safe. The side effects of aspartame reported by thousands of people are too many to ignore. Even with such widespread use of aspartame or diet products, obesity is at alarming levels, with both children and adults alike. On the contrary, eating products containing aspartame can contribute to weight problems. It is also shocking to note that the incidence of type two diabetes in young people is growing at a rapid rate.

While the FDA say that aspartame does not pose any dangers to your body, you should take charge of your own health. After all, if there are healthier alternatives to products containing artificial sweeteners around and still lose weight, why bother with aspartame?

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