Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: We are not a human being having a spiritual experience. We are a spiritual being having a human experience.

God is spirit! In the image of God we are spirit. It is our very breath of life when the soul is breathed into our human being.

Within the physical body of each of us is a duplcate spirit body that accumulates the spiritual experiences of life for its continued journey. The finer vibrations of the spirit body on the death of the physical body powered by gross material energies continues its existence in spirit realms suited to the purpose.

- God is spirit!

The spirit that flows through all of us is our connection with God. It tells us through its response to our affairs when we have learned the lessons or when we may have failed to live up to the spiritual benefits. So signs from God are as near as listening to our own body, mind, and spirit.

- God is love!

God is the spirit in all things in life. Love is the key to the universe in balance. Through love all things are possible.

He created and continues to create our own best good through our experiences. How we use and/or abuse our experiences is a measure of our personal growth in spirituality. God's spirit is there to use. We just have to know and connect to it for our own best good.

- God is creator.

When we look at a sunrise, when we see the sun set, when we see a baby born, we are driven to the tears of happiness at the wonders of life. God is in these signs of our ordered life.

Our life is all about energies. The gross material energies fill us with the many ego-centred energies to accomplish our own best good in this life we are given. Sometimes we get caught up in the material energies and forget to acknowledge God's creation in the spirit vibration.

- God flows through us all as all those things.

From within or without, signs of God are all around us. How many things do we take for granted? How maniy things do we consider our right of birth? God could withdraw his love at any time and our lives would become devoid of flavour and sense.

From within God is an integral part of us. He breathed the soul to life.

From without God creates our experiences to teach us the spiritual lessons we need to continue our journey in this life and into eternity. Spiritual lessons never cease. They may change where they are offered, but they never cease. We are that spiritual being learning to open and expand spirituality.

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Judy Merrill is an accurate, experienced, Professional Spiritualist Medium, available for private readings, parties, corporate events in the GTA and Southern Ontario.

Judy is an educator, writer and curriculum Developer/Tutor of courses in Basic and Advanced Modern Spiritualism, Mediumship Understanding & Development, Spiritual Healing. Judy's efforts have defined standards of excellence for Spiritualism workers. She has been responsible for encouraging students for certification in speaking, demonstrating, healing.

Judy Merrill is an accomplished Motivational Speaker and Demonstrator available for large or small groups. Motivational speaking leads the seeker to find their own path through the tools of consciousness offered.