Gaze into your child’s eyes and you will discover the true essence of life. Being a parent is the most miraculous and rewarding gift a human being can be given. I can remember the pure ecstasy and bliss that filled my heart when I watched the birth of my twin boys, Matthew and Alexander. A child’s birth demonstrates the power and perfection of the omnipresent source of the Universe. A child gives us the opportunity to genuinely share the passion and love that resides within our heart and soul. We come to discover our ability to express unconditional love and actually tap into the enormous potential of our being. From the moment your child enters the world your life will surely change; there will never be another moment in your life that the feeling of love and compassion for your child will leave you. Children bring energizing life and love to the world around us and they have the incredible ability to cultivate the true spiritual being that lies within us.

There are a few things I believe are essential and will allow you to honor your precious child (children) as much as you possibly can. Look into your child’s eyes on a daily basis and allow the pure power and innocence to emanate from their soul to yours. Kiss your child and experience the angelic breath penetrate your spirit. Hug your child and embrace the warmth and precious touch of the divine. Each day remain mindful of the extraordinary blessing you have been given and remain present each moment of your time shared together.

Above all, remember to be the greatest parent you know you can be and eternally strive for growth and development.

Copyright 2006 Richard A. Singer Jr

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Richard A Singer Jr is a psychotherapist and author of Your Daily Walk with the Great Minds of the P{ast and Present, an innovative inspiration journal to change your life. He can be contacted at and on web site