Step One

We admitted that we were bound by the illusion of ego-created pleasures and that our life was full of suffering.

Step one allows an individual to admit and recognize what is controlling his/her life. It is a chance for the person to become aware of the immense control that the ego has in their life and what this demanding control is causing in regards to the self-created suffering. This awareness is necessary in order to initiate the process of internal growth and recovery from the demands of the ego.

Step Two

Came to believe that the universal consciousness, that pervades the cosmos and resides within our being, could restore us to our true nature and eliminate suffering.

This step allows one to tap into that which has all power – the universal consciousness. This source will allow for connection with the pure-self and the true nature of the universe. This restores the individual to pure-thought and right-action in order to get rid of self-created suffering and karma.

Step Three

Made a decision to detach from our insatiable ego and the illusory world and connect to the pure consciousness of the universe.

This step is about taking the initiative to begin searching for the true-self and detaching from the illusion of the ego. Once this decision has been made practice of meditation begins. This is a crucial step upon our journey because it gives us hope that there is something else besides the world of boundaries and limitations.

Step Four

Contemplated and expressed in written form our desires, fears, regrets, and attachments of the ego without judgment.

This is a vital step, which requires meditative and analytical thought about the nature of our worldly life without passing judgment on the past. We begin to realize that these actions were part of our illusion of what reality was and realize that now through meditation and growing awareness that we DO NOT have to act this way again.

Step Five

Allowed ourselves to become fully aware of our egoic attachments and delusions in an accepting manner.

This is when we look at all the past actions and currents attachments of step four and recognize the true reality of the illusion. We now are able to let go of the past and live in the present moment with full awareness.

Step Six

We were entirely ready to let go of the delusions of the mind and surrender to the omnipresent universal source.

This step is the letting go of the illusions of the past and creating a commitment to surrender and practice the principles of eastern wisdom. It is important to state our readiness for change and acknowledge it within our self, as well as the universe around us.

Step Seven

Contemplated and gained awareness of our shortcomings without judging or condemning ourselves, but allow total acceptance and forgiveness of these ego created quandaries.

This step is crucial for one to accept that they are not their ego or minds. We can overcome our shortcomings and come to know our true self, which, is the perfection of pure consciousness.

Step Eight

Began to nurture and practice compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and others who we harmed by our past actions.

This step focuses on relieving guilt and regret for the past and beginning now to realize that those actions do not define the self. Also discussed concerning this step would be the ability to eliminate suffering based on karma by right actions and right thoughts in the present moment where reality exists.

Step Nine

Directly apologized with compassion and sincerity to ourselves and to those we directly and indirectly harmed.

This is an action step that allows us to explicitly offer our amends to ourselves and those we may have harmed in our past. This step is a continuation of step eight and allows the guilt and regret to further diminish and eventually be released fully in order for us to immerse ourselves in the present moment.

Step Ten

Continued to seek awareness of our true self and practice right thought and right action in each moment of our lives.

This step focuses on becoming aware of ourselves on a daily basis and beginning to live our lives fully and sincerely in each moment based on the true nature of reality.

Step Eleven

Sought through the practice of mindfulness and meditation to improve our connection with the universal consciousness.

This step is meant to be practiced on a daily basis to improve awareness and detachment from the ego’s desires. This step will help one maintain recovery and stay focused on the illuminating truth of the universe.

Step Twelve

Having become one with the universal source we continued to practice these principles in each moment of our life, acting as models for those seeking the peace and tranquility of these steps.

Finally, this step discusses the continuation of these steps in our moment to moment existence and to share this way of life with others that inhabit this world. To share this wisdom with others is the primary goal of these 12 steps, which in turn benefits the individual as well as the universe as a whole.

My hope is that through the application of these steps at least one human being can discover the principle truth of the universe and escape the suffering of the ego’s demands and desires.

Copyright 2006-- Richard A Singer Jr.

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About the author: Richard A. Singer Jr. is a practicing psychotherapist living in the Cayman Islands. He is formerly of Pennsylvania and has a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology. His daily inspirations have been included as part of Chicken Soup for the Recovering Soul, from the bestselling Chicken Soup series. His own recovery from addiction impassioned him to help others find courage, determination and peace, and has made what some would call "work" the love and purpose of his life. To learn more about Mr. Singer, visit his Web site,