Healthy eating is a commitment to your child's current and future health. It can be a challenge to teach your child to eat healthy particularly in todays society. Here are some simple tips and resources to help.

1. Mealtime and eating should be done mindfully. Don't watch TV while eating. Instead, sit around the table for some quality family time. Encourage conversation, sharing, and laughter at mealtime.
2. Make sure to your kids have breakfast everyday, even when time is short. Good choices include low-sugar/whole grain cereal, low-fat milk, yogurt or whole-grain toast
3. Drink water. Limit sweet drinks, juice, sports drink and sodas.
4. Offer at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. (1 serving = 1 piece of fruit or 1 cup of vegetables). Keep these foods handy for on the run meals and snacks. Keep these and other healthy foods your child likes within easy reach at home. Keep junk foods out of the house.
5. Avoid the emotional eating traps. Do not bribe or reward with food.
6. Check in with your child's school or day car center to make sure healthy, low fat meals and snacks are provided. If not, pack nutritious foods for your child. Also, take it up with the school board. Members care about parents concerns.

You aren’t alone. Check out these resources for more information on how to build a better future for you child through healthy eating.
Children's Wellness Network is committed to creating healthy communities. You can find resources, educational material here as well as information on events and organizations that support holistic wellness through nutrition, learning and more.
Site of the Two Angry Moms who have created a documentary about their fight to change the school lunch system. Be sure to check out their resources section.
Site of Ann Cooper who has transformed the Berkeley Unified School District school lunch program.
The site of Organic Valley Dairy Coop has many cool resouces including games and fun facts for kids as well as links to other sites for parents and kids alike.
A site created for kids and parents full of fun and interactive resources.
This site is a great resource for information on healthy and green living.
Information on Dr. Ludwig’s book “Ending the Food Fight” a guide to healthy eating for kids.

Author's Bio: 

As the oldest of five children growing up on a multi-generational family farm in rural South Carolina, Jennifer developed an early love for natural healthy home grown food. She has carried this passion through out her life, in both her personal life and professional endeavors. For over 25 years, Jennifer has worked in the natural foods business as a chef, educator and consultant. As a chef she has created over 400 recipes and trained both professionals and novices of all ages on vegetarian and natural cooking. As a holistic nutrition specialist and consultant, Jennifer works with natural foods businesses to create training and educational materials.
Jennifer’s love of food and children carries over into her personal life also. She has worked with numerous community organizations to teach nutrition and healthy cooking for adults and children. She is the mother of four and grandmother of three, all healthy happy foodies.

Jennifer is co-founder of Children's Wellness Network.