The Dead Sea has been praised for its positive skin care effects since the time of Nefertiti. The minerals that are found within the Dead Sea are can be found in numerous skin care products, but some of these products are mixed with harsh chemicals that have a negative impact upon skin.

The Beauty of Life product line has been specially formulated to harness all of those ancient skin care properties that the Dead Sea has to offer. Through innovation, technology, and research, these products are the closest thing that you can get to bathing in the sea itself.

Why is the Dead Sea so special? The Dead Sea has been the place of many miracles and feats throughout history. Situated within the Middle East, the Dead Sea is unlike any other body of water on earth. Throughout the centuries, this body of water was slowly carved from mountain springs creating a bed of water that sits 400 meters below sea level.

Inside of this water are numerous minerals that have been used for centuries. The mud from the sea bed includes many properties that have been proven to have a positive effect upon skin almost immediately. In addition to the mud from the Dead Sea, the salt from the sea is both nutritious and full of helpful skin care properties.

The Beauty of Life skin care line includes mud taken directly from the Dead Sea itself. This mud contains magnesium, sodium, potassium, and various other minerals that are perfect for human skin. Since the natural aging process strips vital nutrients from our bodies, replenishing our bodies with the same minerals just makes sense.

While the body is amazing on its own, it does not have the ability to produce certain things such as minerals or collagen. This is why we must give our bodies those things that it cannot produce. By helping our bodies with great skin care products, we are throwing it a lifeline…so to speak.

If you were to trace the many great women throughout time that looked to the Dead Sea as a source for excellent skin care, you would find that many of these women were also the most youthful within the land. There is a reason why thousands of visitors flock to the Dead Sea every year…the minerals found within this sea simply work.

Slathering your body with mud from the Dead Sea will produce instant results. As your skin begins to tingle while the mud seeps into your body, you will then begin to see why Cleopatra herself relied upon the Dead Sea as her one beauty source.

Not only is the mud from the Dead Sea an excellent way to start your lifelong skin care routine, it is also a fantastic way to heal your body from the outside in. Applying mud to your body might seem slightly silly, but it is the best way to absorb all of those helpful minerals.

There are lots of Dead Sea skin care products out there, but only some of them come from the sea itself. Why use products that are made from chemicals when you can use skin care products that are entirely pure and natural? The Dead Sea mud worked for Cleopatra and Nefertiti – it will work for you too.

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