In this article I would like to address skincare and aging as it pertains to me, from a personal perspective. I realize some of you will relate on a very deep level while others will have their own stories. This is my story, but I do welcome yours.

I am 43 years young and never really concerned myself with makeup in great detail. When I was a teenager I did wear makeup, eyeliner, blush, lipstick or gloss (sometimes both, YIKES!) and eye shadow. It was the cheap stuff, but I am sure I thought I looked great. I didn’t need mascara as I had very long lashes. I tried different foundations but could never find the right color for myself and it always looked like I had some on, so I just gave up. I was more in the natural category, and thank goodness I had pretty nice skin. I wasn’t prone to too much acne, a few here and there, but nothing a little stick of cover up wouldn’t fix.

Once I got into my twenties, I had my skincare regimen down pat. I didn’t have any one sharing tips with me, as my mother came from Europe and didn’t wear makeup at all. I worked fulltime and graduated to the more expensive cosmetics. Looking back now I can’t believe I paid $25 for a tube of Mac lipstick. I used Mary Kay cosmetics as my daily cleansing but was able to mix and match from different companies my blush, eyeshadow and eyeliner.

The next twenty years are a bit of a blur – I had four kids, three girls and one boy – I worked parttime in real estate and later went full time. And if you can relate, makeup was not a huge issue with me, and I went back to the cheaper stuff.

Here I am in my forties, and my first clue that my skin was aging, and not gracefully I might add, was taking a look at my two teenage daughters. Man, their skin was beautiful. I know I probably shouldn’t compare my skin to theirs, but c’mon, it’s hard not too. So I went from someone that paid no attention to someone that gave it their full attention.

I started looking for products to help me with smile lines, crows feet, wrinkles, tightening creams. I became almost obsessed with it. Trying Loreal, Revlon, Roc, etc. Nothing worked or at least I didn’t think it did.

The book “Not Just A Pretty Face” seemed to be gaining some notoriety so I picked up a copy to shed some light on the cosmetics industry. I had two emotions after reading this book, one was happiness. I was happy that I didn’t use lots of cosmetics and skin care products in the past and two, fear. Fear of where was I going to find a safe, natural skincare product to return me to my youth. A green toxic free skincare product that didn’t take a lot of time to use. Were any other women searching for this product?

I found the answer to both of the above questions. Yes, there was a skincare product out there that was safe, nontoxic, GREEN!

Check out this site to see what I found:

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Theresa Giambrone is a network marketing professional currently participating in a marketing experiment created by Nadira Haniff. is a chronicle of 22 individuals on a quest to develop the ultimate tool for others in the industry to use to achieve tremondous results in their business.