Now I am no expert in martial arts but I do know a thing or two as my purple belt can attest. I was taught the importance of balance with your body and with your life. Life is about balance. You must counter all negative influences with positive ones. This means avoiding and overcoming harmful obstacles with intentional action. A slide step in martial arts is a very slight move (slide) to the left or right to avoid harm. The difference between getting hit and avoiding your opponent can be less than an inch from fist to face. You are also taught to start your counter as you are in your slide motion. It is beautiful when you do it right. After I hit the floor a few times I realized the importance of practicing balance and that I didn't have the beautiful part down yet.

Figuratively speaking, I still get hit hard in many areas of life from time to time but I rarely get knocked down. I keep moving forward no matter how bad it seems and I try to counter every obstacle. Sometimes it isn't beautiful but I usually learn a valuable lesson and the belief that I have in myself increases with each challenge I overcome.

Life is balance and we must be aware of the obstacles that await us and simply slide step and counter. It just takes practicing your balance of adding positive things in your life during negative times.

I was talking with a family member the other night and she kept going on and on about how she felt down about a particular relationship she was in and how she realized she needed to make a change. She then proceeded to talk for an hour about how hard it was for her to change and why she had to wait for one thing or another to take place before she took action. I knew at that point that my job was to just listen and offer support. I could not tell her how or what to do because it wasn't going to happen. She had no counter for her problem and instead of a slide step she did a full halt. No one can stop you from progress but you. If you put your happiness in someone else's hands, prepare to be disappointed.
Successful people are not worried about what problems may arise because they see them as a natural part of life. They also see problems arise at far lesser degree than the achievements they are focused on. Whatever you are going through at the moment, know that it will pass. There is a counter to this and every other obstacle you face. You must simply keep moving forward.

If someone has created negativity in your life, turn around and offer someone else the same amount of positivity as balance. You can start with yourself. Join something, start something or do something you've never done before. Smile and wink at everyone you see for a whole day. I wonder what amazing things will start happening. Don't be swayed by that obstacle, keep moving forward. Expect great things to happen and they will. Throughout the course of your life you will get basically what you expect. Expect greatness and prepare for the unexpected and you will be able to slide step and counter any problem that comes your way.

BetterSelf tips for overcoming obstacles;
• Expect great things to happen and they will
• Know that problems are just part of the process
• See the beauty in handling problems with a graceful slide step and counter
• Match every negative in your life with a positive one
• Start a new hobby or activity during tough times
• No matter how slow, just keep moving forward
• Take action on your goals everyday

Author's Bio: 

Steve Barrett is the founder of 7 Pillars Media Inc and BetterSelf Magazine. With a background in psychology and education, Steve has worked with kids and adults on motivation, self-esteem, and behavior modification. He has studied, researched and written articles on goal setting, overcoming stress and finding life's purpose. Steve has worked with best selling authors to bring expert content to motivated readers ready to make important changes in their lives.