I just did a whole bunch of research. It threw up some fascinating and useful information. But what’s really going to work best for you?

Did you know that there are over 9 million pages on Google that deal with Slimming and related issues.

You can actually buy slimming body armour! (That was a new one on me.) And slimming swimsuits, underwear, dresses and corsets all seem to have good followings.

As you might imagine products you can eat and drink to lose weight are popular. Slimming pills, slimming teas, slimming tablets, diet sodas and drinks of all sorts proliferate in the market.

Then there's exercise equipment and special clothing so you can look good in the gym or out jogging.

What all these products clearly indicate is that there is huge demand from people who would like a slimmer body.

Think It Through With Me

What all this demand is really telling us is two very simple things:

1. People believe that slimmer is more attractive and they want to look attractive.
2. People want to fit the “attractive norm” in order to feel good about themselves and their position in society.

So they want to be slimmer in order to look better in the eyes of other people, and feel better and more confident in themselves.

Please take note that what we are talking about here is a Mental Picture “to look attractive” and a Feeling “feel good about themselves.”

The look and the feeling are the best motivations for losing weight. And really strong motivation is what you need in order to create your ideal body.

The issue you have with your body is mental, emotional and physical.

Surveys Show That Short Cuts do NOT Work

According to The US National Institutes of Health Survey, 95 – 98% of people who lose weight by dieting gain all the weight back within 5 years.

What more proof do you need before you realize that if you want your body to be slim, and it is currently overweight, you are going to have to DO something to change your body?

The reasons why pills, diets, teas and diet drinks do not work is simple. They are short term fixes for a long term issue.

You may be able to lose a few pounds by taking XYZ pills or only drinking carrot juice or tea for 2 months, but the moment you slip back into your old eating and drinking habits the weight will come back.

This Knowledge is Useful

Once you have established that it is your current eating and drinking habits that have caused you to gain weight you have very valuable data. You know the cause of your body being the way it is.

Therefore the solution is simple; change what you eat and drink.

“Ah, but if I change I won’t be able to go out with my friends any more.”

“I have a very busy life, I have to grab snacks when I can. I know they’re not always the healthiest, but….”

These two excuses come up time and time again. So you have to make a choice: do you want a slim body or not?

If you do then you’re going to have to behave a little differently when you’re with your friends. You’re also going to have to plan your meals better.

I have now been on my weight loss campaign for 70 days. I still go to the pub twice a week. I have been to several parties, social gatherings and dinners. It is a cast iron fact that I have not lost one single friend in the last 10 weeks.

OK sometimes (not always) I am drinking sparkling water when others are drinking beer or wine and it felt a little odd at first, but now I am accustomed to it and feel somewhat smug inside from knowing that I am the one with the willpower.

And, of course, I have lost weight, so I look and feel better.

The Good Feelings Come From Genuine Success

I do not believe that I would get good feelings about myself and what I have achieved, if my new appearance was the result of wearing tighter under-garments, or a special slimming belt, or all-black clothing. The good feeling comes from the knowledge that I have achieved success by taking proper care of my body.

It may be your way to take pills. Personally I am always concerned about potential side effects and I will do anything to avoid drugs. They will only come into my consideration when my life is threatened and I am forced to believe that they are the only way to preserve quality of life.

Superman Willpower

Yes, I do occasionally get tempted to snack and eat between meals. And, yes, I do sometimes feel like missing out on my morning exercises. And after dinner mints can seem irresistible.

That is when I retreat into my self-hypnosis and shut out the temptation. Hypnosis has been a friend and helper over the past weeks. It has a strong track record of enabling people to change habits (like kicking smoking). It has certainly proved invaluable to me.

Hypnosis reminds me of my targets, my self image and my strength of mind. I often find I have willpower even when I don’t want it and would rather give in and eat a chocolate bar.

Author's Bio: 

David Ferrers is an NLP Master Practitioner who has been a professional Personal Development Coach for over 20 years. He has a special interest in weight loss as he constantly needs to control his weight to lower his cholesterol. He is the founder of the successful GoneForeverWeightLoss.com Elite Slimmers, a “society” of people dedicated to achieving their Ideal Body shape and weight. David teaches members of The Elite Slimmers how to hypnotize themselves to gain the willpower to overcome the temptations that face everyone seeking to re-shape their body.

He is using self-hypnosis personally in his current, very successful, weight loss campaign during which he has so far lost 12 pounds and 2 inches off his waist.

On June 1st, David will host a free online TV weight loss hypnothon during which he will demonstrate how to use hypnosis for weight loss.