Rush, rush, rush. We hurry out of the house to get in our cars to zip along the freeway to our jobs. As we run errands on the way home, we tap our feet impatiently as the person in front of us takes too long. We hastily prepare dinner, eat in ten minutes flat, and get the dishes in the dishwasher. We hurry through the evening activities and fall into bed.

We are so busy rushing through life that we forget to slow down to enjoy it! Take some time to reflect on the things that you usually rush through each day:

• Adopt a new attitude by deliberately choosing how you will spend your time.

• While it is important to schedule time to get things done, it is equally important to take time to simply appreciate life. Take a walk. Spend time talking (and really listening) to family and friends.

• Connect with nature by bringing nature inside: a windowsill herb garden, fresh-cut flowers from your garden or farmers’ market, a babbling fountain, a fresh breeze, or some nature music on CD.

• Expand your universe. Visit new places, like libraries, museums, and schools. Learn new things by listening to books on tape, attending workshops and seminars, or joining a book club. Share your thoughts and ideas with those you meet.

• Try to live in the current moment instead of always worrying about the future. Rejoice in the gifts you have, and make the most of today. Accept that you and others around you are not perfect.

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