SmartLipo is the new age liposuction: liposuction with fewer side effects and less recovery time than the conventional liposuction, and which requires a really minute incision. The procedure is best for individuals who have not responded to workouts and diet control therapies.

Besides being FDA approved, this liposuction procedure has the distinction of being the first to be laser assisted. SmartLipo promises successful fat removal, body toning and skin tightening for people of different body types. Body areas that can be treated by this process include the chin, hips, upper arms, male breasts, knees, face, arms, abdomen, back and neck.

The Procedure

The physician introduces a tiny tube (cannula) in which a laser fiber of low energy is contained, straight into the targeted fat deposit. The tube, with a diameter between 1 and 2mm is passed into a minute skin incision. The minuteness of the incision means that no sutures are required to close it once the procedure is over. Through back and forth movement of the cannula, the energy of the laser reaches the fat cells making them rupture and effortlessly drain away, while the surrounding tissue is unaffected. The laser keeps bleeding, bruising and swelling to a minimum as it causes immediate coagulation of little blood vessels on contact.

Is SmartLipo For You?

You could be a suitable candidate for SmartLipo if you:

• Are healthy
• Do regular exercise
• Have local body fat deposits that refuse to leave despite consistent physical exercise and weight watching

The Downside

One downside of SmartLipo is that is intended to do away with only a small amount of fat (around 8 pounds). Another reason to reconsider SmartLipo treatment would be the high cost. SmartLipo, being a cosmetic technique, is not covered by insurance.


The downsides regarding a SmartLipo session are few in comparison to the benefits. There are several instances of people who have had the procedure done and impressed by the results, have requested treatment of other areas.

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Park Avenue Smart Lipo is a Manhattan plastic surgery group that focuses exclusively on SmartLipo Laser Assisted Liposuction. Park Avenue Smart Lipo was formed specifically to address the growing need for focused, specialized SmartLipo treatments to its clientele in Manhattan and New York City.