When you receive the Seal you will quit smoking if you have not quit already and you still smoke. A new study shows tobacco use is increasing in developing countries and the "tobacco epidemic" is growing.

You may not live in a developing country, but if you smoke you probably realize its impact on your health. And when you understand that impact you will also understand how tobacco companies are ruthlessly marketing to the world's poor.

The World Health Organization released a report Thursday February 7 2008 detailing the "tobacco epidemic." They say if governments continue to do nothing tobacco could kill 1 billion people by the year 2100.

Those billion people would not all die that year. They would die over the course of 100 years. But that is still a huge number. And what is particularly sad is how the tobacco companies are marketing toward the poor of the world.

For instance, one-third of all people in the world who smoke now live in China. That is a huge number of smokers. One in 10 smokers in the world lives in India. Included in the top countries are the United States, Japan, and Germany, but the rest are poor countries.

Smoking causes well over 5 million deaths around the world each year. That number is predicted to rise to over 8 million by the year 2030 if nothing is done to combat the epidemic. And it is predicted to continue to rise after that.

The WHO wants countries to adopt 6 "tobacco control policies" including raising taxes and prices of tobacco, banning tobacco ads, promotions and sponsorships, and protecting people from second-hand smoke.

They also recommend warning people about the dangers of tobacco, helping people quit smoking, and monitoring tobacco use. These measures are noble efforts on the part of governments of countries.

But if you smoke, you likely need to quit before you can help other people escape the dangers of the enthralling addiction. And one of the best ways to quit is by making a plan you can stick to.

You need to write down your plan. Also write down the reasons you want to quit smoking. There are plenty of reasons. Your health is a big reason. And you can add to that the cost of tobacco.

Even though it is the most difficult way to quit smoking, a particularly good way to quit is cold-turkey. That means just quitting smoking completely at one time. If you use nicotine replacement with gum or a patch you are not beating the physical addiction.

Another tip is to stay busy when you quit. Do not allow yourself much time to be idle. And get rid of your tobacco and your lighters and ashtrays and everything else associated with smoking.

Keep active and even get some exercise if possible. A little exercise will go a long way in breaking the physical addiction. But most of all you need God's Help in breaking your addiction.

To get God's Help to break your tobacco addiction you need to begin by praying. Pray often asking God for help quitting smoking. Pray before the day you quit in preparation. And keep praying when you quit. Do not stop praying about it for a few months.

When you are sealed God will deliver you from addictions. But it does not always happen overnight. You do not need to change overnight. You simply need to change, and God will help.

When you are sealed you will fight and win the battle with your addictions. God will help you quit anything you are addicted to including tobacco when you receive the Seal.

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