Thinking about it, a positive attitude comes from a life dedicated to self-improvement and service to others. Do you have a personal commitment to do your best today? Your best is just that, your best not what someone thinks is best. By doing your best you cause yourself to become more
confident. You know that good things will keep happening.

Others like to be around someone who is positive, helping them to feel lighter, better. Being confident
you know that if trouble comes along, you will have the strength and skills to cope, you are confident
and its that confidence that gets you to conquer it. Bad things happen to good people as well, by maintaining
a positive attitude can you stay with it, knowing you must not allow doubts to destroy dreams. Have you wrote down your dreams lately? Even thought about them? By writing down dreams you are asking yourself questions. It's those questions that help keep your mind sharp,
remember those older than you are these days can out-play you in tennis. Why? Because they didn't have t.v.,
video games. They had books, which sure would make a difference today for them,now think if that was all that children of today had?

Most of all be thankful, keep up in your learning. What you learn might be all it takes to destroy any doubts
that might come about. Everyone gets down, so be grateful, start watching for any opportunities that come might come
knocking. Stay with it.
Those who maintain a positive mental attitude, they shine in a dark room, they make friends easier and faster
and keep them longest. Think about it, do you want to be around people who are feeling grey and down, or those
who they shine so bright that you got to be sunglasses to around? Its people like that who help you
to become stronger, even better than you are. Then you turn around and become the one who in turn, is helping others.

Your mind can only hold one thought at a time, you got to make that thought positive! Start counting your
blessings, now realize this, the world is a better place cause you are in it! Plus someone besides your mother believes that.

The world today isn't positive enough. Everyone wants more than they can afford, no one wants to work for it.

Stay positive because we all have seen what its like for someone who is truly down. Its not pretty. Now think about
this, when was the last time you smiled while talking on the phone? Did you know that the other person can tell?
Thats not something we think about but its true.
Take time today and smile at a stranger, you just might be the only light that they see in their world. A smile isn't something thats hard or cost any money. A smile is a beautiful to see, just smiling you are passing on your
postitive outlook on life. That is the whole idea of being positive. So start today and be postitive in as much as you
can be, in your phone calls smile, your emails put smiley faces, think positive! Start making it a part of your
life today.

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Kim Snyder is owner of Overall Beauty where the ideal is that there is beauty in everything. In the use of cosmetics, moodchanging polish, all natural skin and body care, in DVD's & music to help with building your body and as well to help healyour mind with words. Kim believes that there is goodness in all,check her thoughts of beauty at her blog at well as the main site, see what she has to offer at