With all the hype about The Secret and the Laws of Attraction, there have been many people jumping on the bandwagon to make a quick buck. All of a sudden there are experts in abundance thinking […]

So does this Law of Attration stuff really work? You bet! Can I create a million dollars by sitting on my backside and meditating each day? No way!

With all the hype about The Secret and the Laws of Attraction, there have been many people jumping on the bandwagon to make a quick buck. All of a sudden there are experts in abundance thinking appearing everywhere. I like to consider myself as one of those people except I am not foolish enough to talk about something I have not experienced results with - and I am talking about in the real world, not some massive internet marketing expert.

In 1987 my late brother told me about affirmations "everything you think becomes your reality" he said. I noticed at the time that when I concentrated my thoughts on happy positive things, I was happy and people smiled at me constantly. I have also experienced the Law of Attraction working its magic in the reverse i.e. whenever I have had doubts about myself and worried, I got more of the things I worried about. If you were to sit back and think about this with regards to your own life, I am sure you would find the same thing.

Let me explain how the Law of Attraction really works. Firstly, words alone won't change things for you but they will help you feel better, if you constantly think happier and more positive thoughts. Feeling happy is what attracts more into your life of what you want. Feeling bad attracts into your life what you don't want. Put simply if you concentrate on your doubts, insecurities and your problems you will FEEL terrible, hence you will get more of what you don't want because that is where your thoughts are focused. Like attracts Like.

Try this experiment for just two weeks. Every time you worry about your business or something that you are not happy about, concentrate on something you would like. Erase all doubts and worry from your mind just concentrate on something you would really like. It's not easy to do this, you have to make a commitment to yourself and believe in yourself. Whenever you start to feel a doubt you have to erase it immediately and think and visualize of what it feels like to be in the place you really want to be. Then look around you and be in awe of everything, look at that petal on the flower and tell yourself how magnificient this world is. If you are reading this, chances are you are in the top 10% of wealthiest people in the world!

What happens when you apply these laws of attraction is; that you start to meet the right people, you start to have creative ideas, you are in the right place at the right time and hence you start to grow your business, your career improves or some other great positive change happens.

I have been to the edge of despair and back many times. Firstly with my brother committing suicide, my marriage failing, being diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, finding out one of my other brother's baby isn't really his and struggling to build my business which was far harder than I had ever anticipated. There were times I just wanted to walk away from it, when I didn't want to wake up in the morning, but once I really started using the laws of attraction, things changed dramatically.

I will put this to you in a nutshell. What you worry about makes you feel bad, the bad vibrations attract more of what you don't want. If you are worrying try and change your thoughts to feeling what it would be like to experience your desire. Maybe you are in business and want it to take off. How does it feel when it has taken off? What do you see? Where are you? How many staff do you employ? Who do you meet with? How many customers do you have?

Please do not be fooled into thinking that you will win the lottery or some miracle will just appear. If you really use these laws, things will happen to you and at first you will think it is coincidence, but you will soon learn that the things are happening because of your own positive mental attitude. This is not some New Age waffle either, it is a proven science.

Some tips to help you stay in an abundance way of thinking:

(1) Write out I AM statements. This is very powerful. For example, I am driving my brand new Peugeot 207cc, green in colour with a black leather interior. I feel the sun’s rays on my face as I drive with the top down. I AM feeling exhilarated and happy, feeling and hearing the wind rush by as I drive up the coastal road, on my way for a week-end in the vineyards . Statements like this are descriptive, and you can FEEL what it is like in your vision.

(2) Have a vision board -get a board and stick pictures of all the things you want and look at it whenever you can. Every time you look, make sure you feel like you already have it.
(3) Jump at opportunity. Once you start using these laws opportunities will be given to you all the time - seize and act on them.
(4) You still have to work at it - $1,000,000 isn't going to magically appear whilst you are sipping cocktails in the hammock.
(5) Read! Every day, read everything you can on these laws. Try this free e-book to start with As A Man Thinketh
(6) Don't give up! It's hard going to keep your thoughts on what you want when the chips are down. Don't stop.

If you would like to learn more about these laws of attraction visit www.coyote.com.au and go to the motivational products page.

How do I know these Laws work? Here is just one example how it has worked for me. How much do you value your health? If you were diagnosed with a debilitating, incurable disease what would you do? Would you say to yourself "Oh woe is me, I am sick, I can't work any more, I have an incurable disease". Or would you, like I did, say "Oh, well I will keep really fit and that disease won't bother me". Now you can see how powerful the law of attraction is. I chose the second option.

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Debbie Carr - Debbie Carr is the director of Coyote Management International Professional Speaker Bureau.She is a professional speaker herself and also works as a recruitment consultant. Debbie works with you to make your event a success!