“To be successful, all you have to do is give up everything you know.” Asara Lovejoy

The foregoing quote might sound like the very last thing you want to hear about your life and making it everything you want it to be. But remember the popular quote from Einstein, “The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over, and expecting things to change.”

So, how do we give up everything we know? One of the best ways is by using the ubiquitous One Command. Making life fun would be an incredible change of pace. We all tend to be so serious now, so burdened by what we see outside of ourselves. It would seem, to some, that what is on the news is the only reality.

Thank heaven that isn’t so. We all have within us the capacity to change our lives and this capacity is found within those unused portions of our brains. It is this available brain potential that we activate in The One Command and in the simple Six-step process that gets you there. The Six-steps teach you to lower your brain waves to theta, quickly and easily, without the years and years of training it once required.

So why do we want to be in theta anyway? When we go into theta, we are able to reconnect with our greater capacity, our natural creative intelligence and we are able to disengage from our fears and limited world views, living instead in the land of endless possibilities.

We are free to command and create all that we truly want, love, prosperity, fun, cash, health, happiness, joyfulness…what’s on your list? There are so many levels to what we think is true about cash, money and financial independence, and most of those levels have to do with scarcity and difficulty and pain.

How about changing all that, how about changing your world view, changing your DNA, changing your mind? Put yourself in a place of peace. Stop your old way of negative and fearful thinking, take yourself to theta, state what you desire and send it out into the world and watch it show up.

You may have already read Candace Pert’s Molecules of Emotion, so you know that you can open your receptors of abundance and joy, and close your receptors to pain and loss. So have at it…make a difference in your life. Bring in abundance, grace and peace.

Make life fun, think instinctively…from your higher self. Allow yourself to live big, live fully, and love life. If you want to know how, just read Asara Lovejoy’s book, The One Command, now on the Amazon bestseller list.

Author's Bio: 

Asara Lovejoy, author of the Amazon Bestseller, The One Command is also the Founder of Commanding Wealth and The One Command. Go to www.commandingwealth.com for more information.