We hear this quite often, don’t we? But what usually happens when we hear this?

Well the most common response for people who don’t get their results would be:

“Well I don’t want ‘x’ to happen”,
“I don’t want to stay in debt
“I don’t want to be ill anymore”

I hear this all too often when coaching people and it’s a big problem in why the person hasn’t got the result the way they want it. Even if people say “I want to be well again as I hate being ill all the time” just thinking this will be a hindrance to your success. Why?

Well in order to achieve your outcomes or goals in life, you have to be focused on the end outcome or goal. However sentences like “I don’t want to stay in debt” focus on debt! And whatever your mind focuses on with consistency you attract in your life, it continues to expect and even looks out for it!

Imagine that sentence for one moment “I don’t want to stay in debt”, when you think about that now, what happens in your mind?

You may make a picture of being in debt
You may associate the bad feelings of being in debt for life i.e. fear, anxiety and unhappiness.
You may hear the words we were taught such as “Money doesn’t grow on trees you know!”, “We can’t all have money!”

Your mind will delete the ‘don’t’ and just make up a picture of ‘Stay in debt’, your hypnotising yourself with that suggestion with “I stay in debt!”

Now if you have one or all or more of these thoughts over a period of time, it naturally causes consistent bad feelings, and guess what the more negative thoughts and feelings you have it will produce limiting beliefs such as ‘Your right money doesn’t grow on trees, I will be in debt for ever, I give up!”

Henry Ford once said “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right”

This is so true. So what are you focusing on? Are you focusing on the lack of or the abundance of?

Now imagine if you will the thought “I am Healthy and Wealthy”

What happens? It’s a whole lot of new set of thoughts and feelings right?

You see a picture of you being healthy, and wealthy
That brings feelings of energy, security and happiness.
It may creates the words “I can, I will, I have”

Now even if in reality its not presently true, if you change your thoughts to be consistent like the above, it to will create new feelings, and over time will create strong empowering beliefs that will cause you mind and body to search for the answers and attract those people, relationships, health, wealth and happiness into your life.

What’s your outcome? And more importantly what’s your point of focus?

Your friend

Joseph Clough

Author's Bio: 

Joseph Clough is the UKs most exciting young talent in personal development with 8 years experience. As a trainer, author, coach and speaker he truly believes we all deserve to act out and be our true potential.for more info visit www.empoweringsounds.com and www.josephclough.com