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I have been watching the proceedings unfolding in the financial crisis within our country and must say how dismayed I am.

This problem facing us can not be solved by our Government nor can it be solved by Wall Street.

The Politicians, Republicans, Democrats and Independents as well as Wall Street are all trying to solve the symptoms. What they are doing does not address the very real problem facing us.

Therefore they cannot solve the problem.

Any half baked business man knows there is a formula for problem solving:

1) Identify the problem
2) Brainstorm for solutions
3) Pick a solution
4) Take action on that solution you have picked
5) Evaluate the situation. Did the solution you have picked and took action on resolve the problem?

If not then go back to the beginning and Identify the problem.

1) I have identified the true problem!

2) I have brainstormed for solutions to the true problem!

3) I have selected a solution from my brainstorm session!

4) I have taken action (the past three years) to resolve the true problem!

My solution for resolving the true problem works’, it is proven successful and can resolve this crisis quickly, easily and effortlessly.

The problem is that people's income has remained stagnant while the cost of their esential goods and services has sky rocketed due to inflation.

When we took out car loans, mortgages and credit card charges we had the income to make our debt payments. Now that our goods and services have doubled in price all of our available income is being used to pay for our esential bills (electric, utilities, food and clothing) and leaves us short of cash needed to pay back our debt.

For example, last night I went to Wendy's for take out. I ordered a mandarin salad, large french fries and a medium frosty. The bill was $9.52. Two years ago that meal would have cost $4.92. To feed a family of four at Wendy's now you would have to pay $40.00

The solution to this problem is to help everyone increase their income.

We have established a way to provide a significant, perpetual, monthly residual income in addition to one's normal paycheck.

When you become an active member of you can increase your income by over $5000 each and every month.

Come visit and get started generating extra income for you and your family.

Good Luck and God Bless You, Glenn Smyly - Founder

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Glenn Smyly is a World Class Public Speaker, Master Facilitator and Primer Philosopher.

Celebrating a thirty six year career in the self-help, self improvement and self development field Glenn has helped thousands of people improve the quality of their life.

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