Good day. Ted Ciuba here, writing about another Think and Grow Rich principle: Persistence.

You know, a lot of people don't like the connotations of persistence, because it implies work. However, you, like most people interested in this philosophy, aren't averse to work. What you are wanting is something that works.

Well, that's the magic of persistence—because if you're persistent, not only will you overcome the inevitable failures, upsets, setbacks, and disappointments that you will have because you're human and because we're dealing with real phenomena out there, you'll see that's part of it and accept it. And you won't look upon those as failures.

But even if you have a big "failure," what you find with persistence is that it's just an event. You will, in fact, find that persistence is the closest thing you'll ever have to a wish-granting fairy godmother. Because all you do is brush yourself off, get back up, and you're moving again.

Those of you into sports, and Olympic history particularly, know many stories about how one time an athlete is a failure, but four years later they come back and they're a winner. Did you know that Roger Bannister, the first human to break the sub 4 minute mile, only set out to do that after the shame he felt at losing at the 1952 Olympics? That MAJOR distress provided motivation, provided drive, provided refinement and precision. And therefore, I urge you to apply these same kinds of principles to whatever your big goals are.

Recognize that everything, everything, leads you towards that goal, including "failure," because it gives you more input to adjust, more input to move forward. It brings you that much closer to your goal. With persistence, you can and you will achieve!

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