Perhaps it is not God turning away from people, so much as people turning their backs on God. It begins with the assumption presented that there is only ONE religion.

God is found in all religions. He expresses him/her self in many and varied ways. There are many paths up the mountain (to the Godhead) none, of which, is the ONLY one. No path is more valid than another.

It is imperative that we consider our own way as in a personal covenant with God. There is no one single path for all and we would not want to be caught up in what is the right or wrong path. One size does not fit all in spirituality.

Some of the new thought and/or modern religions have opened their door to discussion and/or presentation of God in all its many forms for study and understanding.

When we find what will work in our own life we can move on that knowledge. So the practices in one place can be as varied as the attenders without a confusion or chaos.

God created us all as individual, unique, special beings with a spark of the divine in all. That spark is what we seek with our lessons with one another. If we seek spirit in another, we will find the spirit to connect.

The more we open to the right path for our individual soul, the more we are finding God in all its glory, rather than putting it into a box and closing the lid on further communion to understand and grow.

This is the spirituality of the individual and how it can be acknowledged in love and light through many practices and rituals. Entrenching God as only one single description or practice, limits not only God but also any understanding we could glean from exploring all the options.

God loves all humanity. He/She/It does not stand on the sidelines and pick and choose behaviours, beliefs and/or ideas to say right or wrong. It encourages all free thought so that through examination and practice the spirituality of all can be touched.

According to the Bible, in John: God is spirit!

The spark within each and every living thing that comes from God is spirit. It is a moving, vibration of energy that enlivens the created.

When we allow the highest energies of spirit to flow we are working in the light and love of God's existence. There is a higher power that adds to that flow. It functions when we raise our light quotient to receive and manifest it.

It shows it has intelligence and purpose in our lives. When we work with this light and love, we manifest our best good. When we do not work in the light, we manifest our lives at another level that does not progress our spirituality.

From Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: We are not a human being having a spiritual experience. We are a spiritual being having a human experience.

From each and every experience we enjoy in our living, we can and do enhance our very soul. Realizing the light in the experiences allows us to truly lighten up through experience (or not) as we enjoy our lives.

Love is the key to the universe. And when we treat all experiences as having love for ourselves and others, then we lighten the burden of all. When we live in fears of life, we lose our identity of light in that darkness.

God bless the journey.

Author's Bio: 

Judy Merrill is an accurate, experienced, Professional Spiritualist Medium, available for private readings, parties, corporate events in the GTA and Southern Ontario. As an ordained minister in Spiritualism her attention to the needs of her clients is paramount.

Judy is an educator, writer and curriculum Developer/Tutor of courses in Basic and Advanced Modern Spiritualism, Mediumship Understanding & Development, Spiritual Healing. Judy's efforts have defined standards of excellence for Spiritualism workers. She has been responsible for encouraging students for certification in speaking, demonstrating, healing, as well as ordination.

Judy Merrill is an accomplished Motivational Speaker and Demonstrator available for large or small groups. Motivational speaking leads the seeker to find their own path through the tools of consciousness offered.