We all possess the power to heal ourselves spiritually. This ability has to be developed from within. Spiritual healers have always known that thinking negatively will always welcome more negativity. Physical disease can often be prevented with a regular affirmation of spiritual thinking.

There are many methods of spiritual healing from a vast variety of cultures and spiritual origins. The one common denominator that always holds true is the basic ceremony for healing:

-Place yourself in a relaxed setting.

-Use scented candles, oils, incense and any other herbal aromatherapy to accentuate the mood for complete serenity.

-Lay down (or sit) in silence. (Calm, soothing background music is optional.)

-Close your eyes and clear your mind from all irrelevant thoughts and forms of negativity.

-Focus on the matter that needs to be healed from within.

-Picture the obstacle (whether it is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual) and picture yourself overcoming it.

-Open your eyes and resume with your natural activities.

-Most importantly, BELIEVE in your healing abilities and assure yourself that your healing session will result in success.

A widely used form of healing others is referred to as "laying on of hands". During this procedure, a spiritual healer places his or her hands on the person who is in need and concentrates on the specific area that needs to be addressed within that individual. Whether the problem is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, healing can take place if both the healer and the person who needs to be healed believes.

It is imperative for a spiritual healer to have a clear mind before the healing process in order for the procedure to transpire successfully. It is equally important for a spiritual healer to endure a rite of cleansing his or her own self after healing a person in order for the negativity expelled from the newly healed person to be completely released from both participants.

Spiritual healing is a vital and extremely beneficial ritual in which most people do not know that they are capable of doing for themselves as well as others.

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