All of my Feng Shui consultations also include space clearing. Space clearing is a process used to 'clear the air' of unwanted, stale, stagnant and dense energy from a building, whether that be a home or an office.

The reason for using space clearing in feng shui is that it opens up the building to receiving positive energy and moving this energy throughout the rooms. If the energy is too dense and you put your feng shui activations and cures in place the denser energy can hinder the flow of positive energy you're trying to attract.

So, when do you need to space clear your home or office? The ideal times to do a space clearing are:
1. When you move into a new home or office. You want to bring your own energy into your new space, not live or work in someone else's energy.
2. Whenever several intense emotional outbursts have taken place. Emotional energy lingers and builds so when arguements that are filled with anger, resentment, and/or fear take place they compound the negative energy in your space. This can increase the frequency of these confrontations further and leave people feeling angry, depressed or resentful long after the confrontation has passed.
3. When you bring other people's stuff into your home. A few of my clients sell previously owned clothes, purses and other items through their E-bay stores. When you bring in clothes, furniture, games, toys, books, etc. that other people have used and owned you're also bringing in their energy. Unless you know these people really well and are sure their energy is what you want in your home you need to space clear after you've brought these items in to your house.
4. If you buy previously owned items on E-bay, at a garage sale, from a friend or a flea market you'll want to space clear.
There are a number of ways to space clear a building including specific meditations, using sea salt, smudging and other methods. You can call me to do a space clearing for you or find a space clearing method that works for you and do it yourself.

No matter which method you choose to space clear it's important to protect yourself first before you attempt to space clear a home or office because you can actually attract this dense energy into your aura field if you don't. If you don't want dense energy in your building I can assure you that you definitely don't want it in your aura field. Always do a personal protection meditation or other personal protection method FIRST. THEN you can space clear your home or office.

Author's Bio: 

Chriss Barr is a Feng Shui and Dowsing Expert, national speaker and consultant and the founder of and the creator of The Palm Beach Feng Shui System®, the most complete Feng Shui consultation program for homeowners and entrepreneurs.

After spending 13 years in alternative investment management, Chriss left the world of finance to open up a private hedge fund research practice, which she filled to capacity using Feng Shui in less than 3 months. Driven by requests from friends and acquaintances for Feng Shui consulting, Chriss founded Palm Beach Feng Shui to help others create the ideal environment to support their dreams of abundance, good health and great relationships.

Chriss is also the celebrated author of two home study systems: “Feng Shui the Green Way® for Homeowners” and ““Feng Shui the Green Way® for Architects.”

Chriss is a widely respected expert on Feng Shui and Dowsing for homeowners, architects and entrepreneurs. She is known for combining a unique blend of classical Feng Shui and Dowsing strategies that work exceptionally well and that are rarely used together anywhere else in the world.