People who touch your life, are those who are loving, kind, caring. They lift your day, they make you feel appreciated.

What is it about these people that is so special? They are loving, kind, caring. They treat other people well. They do not claim to be great teachers nor do they claim to be an example that other people should follow. They just do what is in their heart.

And yet, these people are the greatest teachers you will ever meet.

When you need help, they are there. When you need to talk, they are there. When you need someone to make you feel valued, they are there. They do not do any of this through a desire to get something in return. It is their very nature to do what is in their heart.

Sometimes these people can be taken advantage of as they find it hard to say ‘no’. If you are lucky enough to have such a person as this in your life, cherish them and be thankful, do not use them. To have such a person in your life is a gift.

Learn from them.

Many people will only help another if there is something in it for them. Their first thought is of themselves, not the other person. This is not an example to follow.

In a world where you sometimes feel as if no one cares, where your dreams are often stood upon or scoffed at, where you feel that no one ever appreciates what you do, you need a friend (or a sister) such as one of these treasured caring people. They may have dreams of their own which they wonder if they will ever fulfill, they may feel unappreciated too, but when you talk to them they understand what you are going through and they will give you all the encouragement you need, they will believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself. They will not turn the subject onto themselves and talk all about how they are feeling, they will be there for YOU.

So, if you have such a person in your life, realize how lucky you are. Learn from them and allow your own loving, caring heart to shine through. For the world needs more people such as these. Be there for them when THEY need YOUR help, when they need your love and caring, when, for a change, they are the one in need of nurturing.

These people are the foundation of the world. They hold the rest of humanity together.

Author's Bio: 

Robyn is a writer of visionary fiction. She is also a spiritual counselor and teacher. Visit her website ( to learn more about her books, and to read some of her articles and channeled teachings.