It is pointless to look at the behavior of another and try to fathom what is going through their minds. You can only view things through your own perspectives and not theirs.

When you see behavior that is hurtful from one person towards another, it is your own thoughts and your own heart that sees and feels the pain. You would seek to alleviate that pain.

But what if that perceived pain was perceived only by you? Or what if that pain, that situation, was in the highest interests of the other person? A stubbed toe might be deemed unfortunate, but if it stopped you driving your car down the main street at 5 o’clock when a bus was going to loose control and crash into that very spot that you would be, in your car, at 5 o’clock, then the stubbed toe was a good thing. Sometimes a person needs a lesson that appears, to other people, to be tough. Sometimes that lesson will make them stronger, sometimes that lesson will give them inner qualities which will help them in their future life.

However, having said this, please still ‘be there’ for people who need you, do not turn your back on a person who is in need of comfort. A loving embrace is worth more than money in the bank when your heart is breaking. Knowing that there is someone you can turn to in times of crisis is worth more than any promotion or investment.

In fact, when you invest in a friendship, and continue to invest and nurture that friendship you create an investment that will give you the greatest returns imaginable.

Where you invest your heart, the returns will always flow—be it today or next year.

Where two people invest their hearts, there will flourish a Light, a Love capable of nurturing cities and nations.

Where three people invest their hearts…well…you get the picture.

Even if a friendship stood firm for only a month or a year, the Light and Love that emanated from that friendship has healed and nurtured millions.

When you see a bird fly through the sky do you wish that the bird could stay there, flying back and forth each day so that you could continue to watch it? Or are you content that on that day, in those moments, you saw a bird flying across the sky?

People are imperfect only by their own decision. They make choices that they know, deep down, are not their highest choices—choices that do not accurately reflect who they truly are. One day people will begin to think hard on those choices and on who they would like to be. They will begin to realize that they attract what they focus on, and so they will begin to live in a way that does reflect a higher vision of who they are, or who they would like to be. First a person must be prepared to admit to themselves that they are not being who they are capable of being, that there is greater within them. This allows the door to open, the door to their heart.

It is not possible for you to completely fathom another person, and it is important that you understand this. Whatever you think you know of another person’s mind, you cannot know it all.

There are people who contain, tied up in knots within them, doubts, criticisms of themselves, feelings that they are a bad person, that they have failed other people, that they are too fat, too skinny, too short, not pretty enough, that they feel awkward in social situations, that they never know what to say and end up sounding stupid, that they have no social skills and graces, that they are not smart enough, that no one like them…The list is long. If a person could just release all of those illusions and love themselves for who they are, then that acceptance and love would overflow into all other areas of their life. But for as long at they feel they are not good enough, they will criticize themselves and others. They will look for the weaknesses in themselves and hence they will see all the weaknesses in other people.

Are you perfect? Possibly not. Does that matter? Not at all. One cup of tea does not taste exactly like the previous cup of tea. Does that make one cup of tea lousy and the other cup of tea perfect? No, it just grants variety in your daily cups of tea. One person has a fabulous sense of humor, one has a heart as big as the Earth, one had a talent with art, one has a talent with computers, one loves to cook, one works hard every day and finds enjoyment in their successes. Variety. Cherish it.

Your paths are different because you came for difference experiences. Some of those experiences may not be happy ones, some may be very painful for you. Just remember that you are never alone. No matter how tough it all gets, you are never alone.

Don’t criticize other people for if you do you will soon find that you are looking for things to criticize about people and then that is what you will draw to yourself. Instead look for the good qualities in people, until that is all that you see. Is it really that easy?


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Robyn is a visionary fiction writer. She is also a spiritual counselor and teacher. Visit her website ( to read about her novels, and also to read some of her articles and channeled teachings.