One of the things that people want in a relationship/marriage is mutual support and encouragement.

It sounds rather simple doesn't it? But it is amazing the number of people who don't feel that they are receiving this support and encouragement. The sad things is that their tendency is to think: Fine, if you're not going to give me any support and encouragement then I won't give you any either!

It doesn't make things better.

Each of us have dreams and goals for this life, and each of us face set backs and let downs on that path. At those times we long for someone to tell us 'Don't you dare give up! I know you can do this. I believe in you, and I want you to get back to work and keep going. You can do this!' But what people often receive is a big fat nothing. No emotional support, no encouragement. These people do, however, tend to work through their disappointment, pick themselves up and try again.

Imagine how much easier it would have been to have had 'someone in your corner'. To those of you who do: you are very lucky indeed.

There are many people who achieve a modicum of success on the way to their goal, and they grasp this success with both hands and let it buoy them up for as long as possible. They share the delight in their success, and--horrors--are not met with the congratulations that they had hoped for. Sometimes they barely receive an acknowledgement. This is gut-wrenchingly painful.

In these cases it is so hard for these people to keep going forward. The tendency, many times, is for them to give up, to quit.

I find it a tragedy that this happens. I find it intensely annoying that people cannot offer each other the support and encouragement that they deserve.

A relationship is not just about love, cooking, cleaning, buying a house, it is about being there for each other, about believing in each other, about supporting each other's dreams and ambitions. It is about pushing your partner to keep going, it is about validating them and their goals.

No path is ever walked alone, and if you can walk that path with someone who believes in you and your dreams, who is there to support, encourage and motivate you, then that path is made easier. If not, then it is a struggle.

But, even if you are struggling, don't give up! Don't quit.

Please support each other. Don't be selfish and ask for everyone to support you without giving that blessing back. Don't expect everyone to believe in you if you don't show that you believe in other people.

Our dreams and goals are important. If they weren't, we wouldn't have them.

Author's Bio: 

Robyn is a freelance writer, specialising in new age/metaphysical/spiritual approaches to life and daily living.