There is a spiritual dimension to sex and sexuality, as indeed there is to every aspect of human life. Understanding the power of this spirituality and intentionally embracing it can only escalate the richness of our sexual experience.

Many single women and men who are celibate, see their sexuality as an holistic spiritual power source, as indeed it is. They may sublimate their sexuality and express it through creative art, music, home life, loving family, pets, charity work, social networks and sport. Engaging their sexual energy in these diverse ways, they create an ever richer, more intense creative experience, which is an essential element of sexuality. Whether celibate or not, we can all discover this expanding holistic spiritual experience of our sexuality which gives light and joy to every aspect of life.

Sexual desire starts on the inside as an emotion, and only then does it morph into an impulse for physical expression. So that is where our focus is for now. Sex can be a singular most explosive and liberating vehicle for expressing love, joy, pleasure, and innocence, yes, innocence! Sex is not a sin, it’s sublime. It’s not dirty, it’s pure love if you let it be. If our programming belies this innocence and joyousness, it is our programming that needs updating; immediately.

Sex is a most beautiful way to express love for another. Orgasm is a direct elevation of the person to spiritual realms transcending our human consciousness. Sexual union and love-making can be love seeking to express its full potential through bonding physically, emotionally and spiritually in a sublime union that transcends neediness, and simply, perfectly, expresses as joy.

When each in a couple comes to their relationship in a spirit of using their sexual energy for spiritual growth, healing, creativity and enhanced pleasure, they activate their divine connection, and the deeply spiritual energies of sex. Beyond the normal goal of love-making, orgasm, there lies a higher purpose, union. When you see each other as a pure expression of the divine, which is what we all are, your consciousness will open to merge with all aspects of your lover: body, mind, soul and spirit. When you do this you will begin to see your lover in a different light, a higher light, filled with pure love potential.

Become aware of your intention as you come together. Talk about an intention which you can mutually set. Sex can be, in fact is, one of the most exquisite and elevating joys in life, if that is your intention. Make love with love. Make love to give and receive love. As you make love, become love and your joy will soar. Explore these spiritual dimensions of sex. Look for the beauty and wonder in your partner, find the light you share, and as one, you will shine, and your shining will be love and joy, breathless and exquisite.

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Marie C. Barrett, author, teacher and holistic spiritual coach, teaches possibility thinking, using mind, emotions and feelings in the process of deliberate manifesting, especially in relationships. Discover more prosperity strategies at and see Marie's blog at