You can sit under a tree and meditate or visit your beloved house of worship. You can climb mountains, plant flowers or chop wood for the fire. You can find spiritual experience everywhere as it is within you, no matter who you are.

Why do so many people doubt their direct spiritual experiences with the God of their understanding? As you become more comfortable with your relationship to the Divine, you will be of more service to yourself and others. You will also stop giving your imagination credit for your Divine communications!

Let's take a look at how to know when God is speaking to us and how to benefit from our communications.

* Whatever the Name the Light is the Same

We all have different names for the power greater than ourselves: we use the names God, The Divine, Lord, Beloved, Spirit, Great Spirit, Creator, Infinite Intelligence and Infinite Spirit. No matter what name we use, the power of light that we are communicating with does not change. The God of our understanding is there for each and every one of us no matter what our race, religion, creed, financial status, gender or sexual preference may be. Have you ever been in a family where Grandma was called Granny, Nana or Judy by different members of the family? No matter what name you knew her by, she was the same person and she loved all of you.

As you will see, I am using many names of the power greater than ourselves.

Whatever the Name: Know that God is there for you, no matter who you are.

* Divine Communication is Positive

Know that as you talk to the God of your understanding, your experiences should be positive. As you open up to the inner voice that is the birthright of every person, you will receive guidance that will help you in everything you do. Some people are afraid that if they open up to the spiritual realms, they will come into contact with so called “evil spirits.” But it often turns out that people who imagine they are seeing evil spirits are looking for the kind of sensationalism associated with so called “haunted houses” and dark spooky places. They may complain about the negative emotions they are feeling and refusing to acknowledge that they are looking for these negative experiences. If you focus on positive living, your experiences with spiritual realms will be positive and will enrich your life. Always remember that "Like Attracts Like.” Send out positive energy and you will receive positive energy.

* Let Your Visions Speak to You

Spirit speaks to us in many ways: through dreams, visions while we are awake, and through gut feelings that we have about what to do and what not to do. We often do not realize we are having Divine communications and instead give our imaginations the credit (or perhaps the blame) for creating such incredible visions of truth.

A woman named Heidi was in deep grief after her mother passed into eternal life. A few days after the funeral, Heidi was sitting at the breakfast table, and the spirit of her mother appeared to her. Heidi was fortunate, because she did not dismiss her experience as imaginary. She received incredible healing from the vision of her mother. This was a Divine gift Heidi received and she gave thanks.

We can all have incredible spiritual experiences if we remain open and realize that the God of our understanding can communicate in many ways. In this case, God sent Heidi a communication from the spirit of her mother.

* If They Doubt, It's Their Problem

When we have spiritual experiences we want to jump for joy and tell all our friends and relatives. Sometimes they do not understand and we feel defeated. In some cases, those who doubt us can make us doubt ourselves. If you want to walk the spiritual path, let the doubters have their opinions without letting them spoil your wonderful and evolving relationship to the Divine.

* Free to Change Your Mind

Divine Consciousness does not care if you change your mind. Your conversations with God are an ongoing relationship. As you evolve you may first perceive of God as an old man who sits up in heaven and directs your every move. At another time you may see God in the form of angels or spiritual guides. You may receive God's message through channeling the ascended masters. God is God, no matter how you are receiving Divine love.

You are free to change your mind about your life: what you want to do and who you want to be with. God does not mind because as you evolve and learn you are going to change. And as God helps you grow, you also give back. Have you ever considered that as you come up with new ideas, perhaps God learns from you? We all need to ponder the possibility that as we evolve as human beings, God also evolves.

* Fear is not the answer, Worry is not the answer. Love is the answer.

Let us pray together for love. Let us banish fear and worry from our lives. As we live in love and gratitude each day, our lives will improve. As we become more humble, and less ego-centered, life will take on a radiance never known before. Love will pour from our hearts and others will benefit. We will be able to solve the problems of our troubled world and bring messages of love, hope and peace.

This has been said before over and over again, because it is worth saying. The truth is the truth is the truth and like the Divine, truth does not change.

©2009 Carole Lynne, author of Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World

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