There are several things that you need to do each spring to make sure that your lawn is well cared for and that you'll be able to have a healthy outdoor area during the summer time months. Most of your spring lawn care will be easier if you have taken the time in the fall to rake the leaves, pick up trash ,and winterize your flowerbeds. However, whether or not you have done fall lawn care and winter lawn maintenance, there are a few things that you will need to do each spring to make sure that your lawn is well cared for and ready for the season to come.

First of all, as soon as the snow is melted and the weather has warmed up, take stock of the yard and see what there is to be done. Chances are good that there will be piles of leaves and sticks in the flower beds, and that there will be places where the lawn is going to need some work. Take stock of what needs to be done as early as you can, so as soon as it gets warm enough, you can begin the work. Also, early spring is a great time to buy supplies, as they will be cheaper before the gardening season is in full force.

The first thing to do is to take a general look at your yard and remove any garbage that has blown in over the winter. Remove papers, other types of garbage, and any sticks and leaves that might have been overlooked. Be sure to dispose of these things properly, so that nothing is left where it should be.

Then, take a soft rake and rake out your flower beds and your yard. Make sure that you use a soft rake, and that you take care to notice if anything has started to sprout. If you use a rake that is too hard, and you aren't careful, you can yank young buds up before their roots are strong enough.

Remove anything that appears to be dead, and gently rake the soil around these areas. Check for patches in your lawn that look dug up, perhaps by animals or other things. Seed and fertilize these areas.

Mulch and fertilize your flower beds, any new patches of lawn, and around any trees that you have in your yard. Having the right fertilizer and mulch handy right away as the winter disappears is a good idea, because as soon as the plants start to grown and come in again, they are going to need those nutrients right away.

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