We often get emails from people asking us how they can bring more magic into their lives. People want more happy coincidences, more magical solutions, and more moments of awe appearing in their lives.

Esoteric teachings tell us that magic is reaching out to us all the time. Whether we label it our higher selves, our guides, angels, or powers-that-be, magical forces are constantly speaking to us, constantly offering us doorways through we which we can step if we could just be more aware. Every time we ask for magical help, it arrives, often quickly, but we often miss it. We get to busy trying to “fix” a situation with physical action and doing, leaving little room for magic to appear. For magic to show up in our lives, we have to leave little gaps or small spaces between thoughts and actions where magic can squeeze through. Experiencing magic is often the result of less doing and more awareness.

We’ve discovered that one of the best ways to open our awareness to higher forces is to start the day off with a little recognition of magic. It doesn’t have to be anything big, just something that helps us acknowledge to ourselves that magic does exist and that we want to experience it. This morning’s magical act could be as simple as reading a paragraph from a spiritual book, pulling a random Medicine Card and reading about it, or even rubbing a little essential oil on your pulse points and sitting quietly for a few minutes. The act is small, taking as few as three minutes, but the impact is large over time.

If you’ve had difficulty in the past noticing how magic shows up in your life, it may be useful to start your morning magical practice with a friend. Call and touch base morning and evening for a few minutes. In the morning, share the magical practice by reading or meditating together, even if by phone. In the evening, review the day together by telling each other about the moments that stood out from the rest. Your friend may be able to help you see a magical moment that may not be apparent to you.

Magically, we say that a small change in the present creates a larger change in the future. Try this small movement toward magic on for size and see how it creates a much larger awareness of magic in your life!

Author's Bio: 

Stephanie Yeh is co-founder and president of the Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic. She has spent many years in the business world in marketing, sales, documentation, consulting, and training. She was editor of "Zero Time: Providing Instant Customer Value - Every Time, All the Time!" and publishes several weekly electronic magazines. She is also the President of Zero Time Publishing. Access her work at http://www.shamanschool.com or email her at info@shamanschool.com