The world is moving at a faster and faster pace. On a yearly basis, we see more new inventions, technology upgrades and societal changes than used to happen in a decade. What once was a generational change is now an overnight change.

With the fast pace of change in today’s world, there is an element of career and personal self-development that is obligated to keep pace––knowledge growth. We cannot stand still while the world around us moves at lightening speed. How do we keep up? The only method I’ve found is to have a systematic approach to growth. What I mean is that within our companies, there must be a well thought out plan to keep employees on the cutting edge of the latest information needed to grow the business. Employers cannot repeat the mistake of the buggy whip manufacturers. They need to grasp where the future is going and anticipate the knowledge needs of their workers. Within the walls of business activities is a demand to do more with less. And, that demand brings on other demands––the need to upgrade the skills and knowledge of workers, the need to provide the proper resources to get the job done more efficiently and the need to build the self-motivation of workers to get all this done.

Staying green and growing must be your plan for the future. As you look at the future business needs of your company, you must factor in time and monies to produce the more highly skilled and knowledgeable workers you will need to compete. With world markets moving offshore, companies within the United States will have to learn to be more competitive. Higher overhead requires a more accurate assessment of every activity and a continual assessment of how to improve and become less costly and more efficient. This growth plan is your lifesaver in the rough seas known as today’s business economy.

Complimentary to work demands, each of us should also have an individual action plan to grow our personal skills and knowledge. What information do you need to improve your time use, your ability to communicate better and build stronger relationships with family members? What information do you need to know regarding healthy eating practices, exercise to keep your body fit, improved money management techniques and how to strengthen your personal faith? All of these areas make up important personal knowledge that, if mastered, can make the difference between a chaotic life or one that is under control.

Today’s work environment demands that we make daily strides to build our job skills. Likewise, improving our personal lifestyle is a major factor in reducing stress and bringing order to our life.

Are you willing to meet the challenges this new world order brings? We can no longer afford to ignore the demands of life. We must prepare ourselves to continuously seek new knowledge to avoid diminishing our worth in the marketplace.

At the start of Monday night football, the announcer asks this question: “Are you ready for some football? I’m asking, “Are you ready for continued personal and professional growth?

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Professional speaker/author Billy Arcement, MEd.—The Leadership Strategist, shares his messages on leadership and personal development with business, government and education leaders. He authored Searching For Success. His new book, Journeying on Holy Ground, provides insightful guidance for establishing priorities on life’s journey. View for information about his services / download articles. Email or call him @ 225-677-9426. Copyright 2007