Summer is fast approaching and the weather finally warming, and I'm wondering, how many people are still focused on their goals for the year, or their New Year's resolutions? Staying focused on goals and the things we desire is one of the greatest challenges many of us face. Perhaps we set a goal or a desire this year to change jobs, or lose weight, or improve our performance, but in the day to day of our busy lives we lost track of it and as a result we end up abandoning it until next year.

Keeping ourselves accountable can be accomplished in a few ways. Here are our 10 tips for creating a focused and fun approach to success:

  1. Take the goal and break into smaller steps
  2. Make a chart to chart progress, each step of the way
  3. Hang signs around the house, in the car, at work --- saying: "Stay Focused".
  4. Tell family and friends about the goal and intention
  5. Create your own mastermind group to help you stay on track and support your ups and downs
  6. Partner with a friend or colleague to be an "accountability buddy", share your plan with them and talk once a week or month to let them know how you are doing
  7. Create celebrations for success, reward yourself -- gold stars, dinner out, a new something!
  8. Meditate each day on focused goal attainment
  9. Write your goals down and read them everyday
  10. Have fun with each success and acknowledge it!

Spend some time creating your focused plan for success and give us a call if you need some help! Accomplishing the dreams, goals and things we deserve is important for each individual. We look forward to hearing about your success.

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Donna Price is a Success Coach, author of “Launching Your Dream” and “Bizology.Biz – The Science of Business Success”. As a Success Coach, Donna works with individuals and groups on personal development and success focus. To pick up your Entrepreneur’s Resource Guide go to:

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