So you ate, drank and spent too much over the Holidays. Now you are overweight, bloated, tired and broke, and you are promising yourself that you are going to change all that this year!

There are two reasons why New Year Resolutions don't work;

· 1st we try and take on too much,

· 2nd we don't believe in ourselves.

In the world of resolutions, "Size does matter". You can turn your resolutions into realities by starting small. As the saying goes, "the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time!"

At the start of each New Year we begin by looking at our life and deciding this is the year we are going to make real changes in weight, romance, smoking, drinking, career, money, getting in shape, organizing, cleaning and more. Well, we never followed through in all the other years, so as good as our intentions and desires are our subconscious is not expecting our resolution to come true. We have conditioned ourselves to doubt our ability to change. This core lack of belief triggers a lack of commitment to action and the result is the same year after year: not pursuing our goals with consistent action.

Well you have said it before, "This year is the year I _______!" Sound familiar? You have said it and you have not done it, but there is a way to make your goals materialize. Here is Coach Steele's abbreviated "Resolution Success System!"

Step One: Learn and use this Success System. One you learn the system you can apply the system over and over again with success in every area of your life. Concentrate on the system not the goal.

Step Two: "Pick one, and get it done" as a friend of mine is fond of saying. Make sure you are picking something that you really want to achieve. You can't lose weight, stop smoking, or get an education because someone else wants you to. If you really want something you will do what it takes.

Step Three: Reduce this goal to manageable pieces. Set goals that are what you believe you can achieve in one month. Remember size does count and focusing your energy on one goal to be accomplished in 30 days gives us something tangible. If you don't believe you can do it you won't be able to.

Step Four: First write this goal down and then brainstorm to find at least 20 different actions you can take right now to achieve it. Don't skip this step! Our tendency is to take shortcuts. Do not!

Step Five: Post your written goal and the 20 ways you can achieve it on the wall in a very visible place. If we don't affirm our goals we will not achieve them.

Step Six: Study your goal and 20 actions several times a day, and visualize yourself with the results. If you can't see it you can't achieve it. Link your 5 senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch) to the goal. Make it come alive for you!

Step Seven: Act as if. Act as if you have already achieved your goal. Give yourself positive affirmations as if you have already achieved the goal. This is called telling the truth in advance.

Step Eight: Go to the posted goal everyday as often as you can, recite it out loud, visualize the result, state the affirmation and then pick activities that you will do (from your list of 20) that day to achieve it. It is all about what you do each day so resolve to put the effort in. I call this the Law of Effort.

Step Nine: Apply the Law of Consistency; do not fall into the trap of tomorrow. Start now. Not tomorrow. Not January 1st. Then, commit to yourself that you will be consistent for 30 days. After all what is 30 days?

Step Ten: Update your goal, and repeat all these steps every 30 days and expand to every goal you want!
Be enthusiastic, as Emerson said, "Nothing great is ever created without enthusiasm." These are the 10 parts of success that, if used, will guarantee your success.
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Don't let this New Year end up like all the others, follow these steps and you will learn that you can develop a success system in your life.

Congratulations in advance for taking this first positive step in realizing your goals, and Happy New Year!

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About The Author Devlyn Steele ("America's Leading Life-Coach") has been a public consultant and a private counselor for over 15 years. Born and raised in Manhattan, Devlyn established coaching practices in New York and Los Angeles before moving to Phoenix in 2003. A Cognitive Therapist, Devlyn also developed as an extension of his private coaching techniques. Devlyn maintains a thriving practice in Hollywood, where he counsels famous actors, musicians and captains of industry. Soon his new book will be available, Relationship Tools. You can email him at (c) Tools To Life, Inc. 2003