There is kind of a neat little story behind this little lesson for a good marriage.

Last spring a friend of mine asked me if I would perform a mock marriage ceremony for her and her husband at their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary party. Without really knowing what I was getting into; I said I would. About the last thing I am, is a preacher, but I do know my way around a microphone.

They were going to a real preacher in the afternoon so it would be done right then at least. She wanted me to "pick on them" and have a little fun at their expense. She and her husband wrote down some of the funny stuff, and quite a lot of the just plain stupid things that have gone on in their twenty-five years together. They gave me carte-blanche permission to say what ever I wanted. That took some nerve.

This piece was the only real serious part of the whole ceremony. I did this for the actual marriage itself as they exchanged rings and did the huggy-kissy thing. There were about a hundred or so of their relatives and friends there, along with their own children and grandchildren. She wanted a real wedding this time.

The first time she was only sixteen and pregnant. He was nineteen and they really did want to get married but it was not the wedding she had dreamed of. A bit of a hurry-up thing. She wanted the whole nine yards this time. She wore a white dress and he a western style tux. Their grand children were ring bearers and they had the same best man and maid of honor they had before. All in all, it was a good time. It all turned out well.



We all have many people and things we love in life --but the only love that is a living, growing, flowering love, is that between a man and a woman.

As a living thing ---The LOVE between a man and a woman must be nurtured or it will wither and die.

The love between a man and a woman starts with a tiny seed in the heart and soul, which is sparked into existence by something that cannot be defined. Just a feeling or maybe a passing moment,-- and it is there, and will be there, it cannot be denied.

The three essential nutrients that are required for love to survive; Caring, respect, and trust.

Caring for and about---each other Respecting, and being Respectful of ---each other Trusting, and deserving of the Trust of--each other Only the strongest survive

(c) 1999 George J. Stewart

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