Water is very therapeutic and healing as well as cleansing. In our fast paced world, we have become accustomed to taking pulsating showers with strong spicy soaps to wake us up and get us going in our hectic, busy lives. But times are changing. Now we want to relax and be soothed when we’re at home; and when it comes to the bathroom, we want to be pampered like we’re at an expensive spa.

Most of us can’t install large steam showers and Japanese soaking tubs, but it is possible to turn your bathroom into an inviting oasis without a lot of expense and in the process, relieve some, even all of your stress. Relaxing in a warm scented bath also induces alpha brain waves, which enhance concentration and are more likely to trigger intuition than the rapid beta waves we experience throughout our normal day. Researchers agree that intuitive thoughts come suddenly and usually when we're relaxing.

Color can be used to create or enhance a mood. Painting the bathroom a nice soothing color can promote relaxation. Perhaps a gentle blue, pastel green or even pale lilac.

Find aromatherapy candles to match your color scheme. Not only will the soft glow make you feel relaxed, the scent will be calming and therapeutic as well. To make your own candles, add essential oils into melted beeswax and pour into a glass container. Place in the wick and let it harden.

Plush area rugs provide a touch of softness for your feet and adds color and texture to your bathroom.

Plants and/or flowers provide a calming effect and a nice decorative touch. Use live plants if your bathroom gets a lot of sunshine, otherwise, the silk version works just fine.

Extra large fluffy towels are a must for that pampered spa feeling. Create scented towels by adding 3 to 6 drops of your favorite essential oil to a hankerchief and toss it in the dryer with your towels.

Purchase a spa robe - your body will thank you every time you slip on an extra soft and fluffy spa robe made from Egyptian cotton.

The temperature of your bath or shower can affect your energy level. A cool shower is very energizing, a warm bath (set at body temperature) relaxes, and a hot bath will help you snooze at night.

Sip a cool glass of mineral water or a warm cup of herbal tea as you care for your body. Remember to use plastic cups in the bathroom.

Move a portable CD player into the bathroom and listen to relaxing music, nature sounds or soft classical if you enjoy it. If you don’t have anything soothing to play, check your local library.

For a spa facial, combine 3 tablespoons of honey, 1/3 cup oats and 2 teaspoons of Peppermint tea. To soothe achy muscles combine Epson salts with a few drops of essential oil and add to your bath water. Eucalyptus or Rosemary essential oils would be great choices.

Make sure you have plenty of soft washcloths, scented soaps and face masks on hand. Many spas offer samples of items that you can take home for use in your personal escape.

As you can see, you don't have to go to a spa to gain the benefits of water and beauty therapies. Set aside an a little time and give yourself a beauty treatment at home every chance you get. It’s not selfish. When you take care of yourself and feel good, you are more able to give of yourself to others. So pamper yourself often with no guilt!

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Susan Stewart is co-founder and partner of It's My Nature, an Aromatherapy business based in Florence, Oregon. Providing dried herbs, essential oils and many comfort and stress reducing products. Catering to the beginner with small sizes, recipes and an informative monthly newsletter. See It's My Nature's large, informative website at http://itsmynature.net or a free catalog is available by calling 1-888-445-5051.