In case the title of this article sounds like a tired lyric from a classic rock n’ roll song... it is.

So, exactly what is it that you are looking for? Or to happen? And “why”?

As the current recession deepens, there are multitudes of people around the world that are truly “wishing” that something would happen to change the times that we are now experiencing. This of course, is the sad part of my observations and commentary... that masses of people are simply just “wishing”.

Like the lyrics from an old Bob Dylan song, “The times they are a-changing...”

These are not times to wish… These are times to act... Now is the time to MAKE something happen! The question of the day is, to make something happen “how”? What is it that you are capable of doing? Clearly about the global recession proper, none of us has the magic answer to take to any nation’s capitol. As you may recall, in recent issues of RBD I have advocated for you to refuse to take part in the recession. Why should you participate in something over which you have no power, authority or direct control? Why put yourself and your family at the mercy of others who appear to be no better equipped to deal with the impact of the recession, than you or I. Like some other issues of life... just say NO!

I do want to understand that I am completely serious about this position. The plain truth is that you can’t avoid the future. Will you control your future, or will someone else? In any case, you can’t say no to the “future”. Life is going to happen. The future is going to happen. So, what do you do about it? Sure, you can simply wait on it, and more life will just happen.

It can either be the future that you want… the one that you choose to envision... the one that you choose to plan for... the one that you choose to make happen. Other wise, someone or something will choose it for you. That’s a fact, that’s a given. Would you give your life over for someone or something else to decide? Most people would resoundingly say absolutely not. But, simply saying no is not enough.

Many a people individually and collectively have said no to tyranny and oppression. At some point in your life, you have stated to someone that “you can’t do that...” but they did what you didn’t want to happen anyway, didn’t they? Can you afford to be passive about the life and future of those whom you love, or yourself? Especially given current recessionary times?

While my tone may provide an overture of being a bit radical, I am not espousing inappropriate behavior. However, I am suggesting that the action that you take in your own life to build a better future for yourself and family -- might most appropriately be in a sense “radical”, as these are not ordinary times.

Stated more concisely, in the sense of radical, it would be my intent to “Put a burr in your saddle”, or “A bee in your bonnet”... in an effort to motivate you to take action for the betterment of your life and career.

Depending on what media source you read, watch or listen to... the resident economic and political experts claim that the recession:

• May slow down later this year.

• Could continue to decline until sometime in 2012.

• Or, like Japan experienced... We might wallow around in this mess for the next 10 years.

So, which do you believe today? What did you believe yesterday? What about tomorrow? Can you see how fickle and ridiculous this all is? Do any of you, my valued global readers, remember the TV game show from some year’s back that was called “Who do you trust?”

But, before you answer that question, we need to back up as we’ve overlooked an important other perspective. Aside from the government officials, economists and media sources, there is another significant faction of people who have considerable convictions about “times such as these”:

• Many people, who have spiritual beliefs, will tell you that we are in the biblical “end times” or “end of days”.

• Others would reference the predictions and writings of “Nostradamus” that have recently received considerable television air time, which suggest that the world will experience Armageddon on 12/21/2012.

Wait a minute! Do you see the parallel in these two entirely different belief systems about what may happen in the future? While both include 2012, the last time I looked, that was still 3 years away. What about the time period between now and then? Whether the recession spirals downward for the next three years, the world comes to a literal end in 2012 or perhaps we survive beyond 2012 (just like 01/01/2000) -- what about the next three years? What about the quality and control of your life between now and then? And hopefully thereafter?

So, we have now come full circle and are again faced with my original premise:

• What is it (the life) that you are looking for?

• What is it that you want to happen? (At least for the next 3 years?)

Here are a few suggestions while you’re waiting or otherwise trying to figure things out:

Don’t look back. Stop reminiscing about the good old days. First, they weren’t that good. Second, you can’t go back. And third, your best days are still ahead of you. At least the potential for them to be is, as long as you choose to see it that way and then act on it.

Figure out what it is that you do best. Then start doing it.

Emphatically decide what you want your life to be. Then create a real plan and start living it.

Determine how you can be a blessing to some one else. And then be one.

Improve yourself. Become “worth” more to yourself and to others -- whether you’ve got 3 years, or 100 years left to live and give.

Be your own chimney. Find your passion and then build your fire within.

Don’t stop dreaming. Dream the dream, talk the talk, walk the walk and live the life.

Don’t be afraid. While no one wants to openly admit it, whether founded or unfounded, we are all afraid of failing at one time or another. Thomas Edison in his own words, found 2,000 ways not to make a light bulb. He did not construe it as failure, or even as a set back. So, why should you?

Focus on what can go right! Too many people focus on what they “think” they can’t do, and what will go wrong. Pursuing your dream at all cost, is in the end more rewarding than forever wondering “what if”, regardless of the outcome.

Believe in yourself! Believe that you can! You’ve got everything to gain. The more seeds you sow... the more you will in the end grow.

In the context of some vintage commercials… whether “you grab the gusto”, or “only go around once” -- in the end, it’s about how you lived your life.

And that my devoted reader... is defined entirely by the decisions that you make, and then live out.

As always, I’m here to help.

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