A Prayer to Our Mother Earth

When it all becomes too hard and things get out of hand. I look to the horizon as I sit on the land. Thanking Mother Earth as she endures my weight. What an incredibly strong woman she is. I often ponder the conflicts in life then stop to consider what the Earth perpetually sustains. All the buildings and roads that crust over her flesh. All the poison man injects into her veins and still she keeps turning. The trees keep growing, the rivers forever flowing. Her waters always pure when it first pours from her womb. Only to be tainted by mans inconsiderate ignorance. What stamina she has, such endurance.

I now realize where my personal pain stems from. It is from the same origin that our Earth receives her abuse. For I am a part of her, she is a part of me. I would love nothing more but to help others try to see what we are doing and where we are going. The lack of human understanding, the pain of knowing. Still she keeps turning.

Its days like this when I want to curl up in her lap or run away into her wilderness. But, I know I have a job to do. That is to keep my head up high and look forward to the day when we all may unite as one. To anchor our presence in unified harmony – both man and nature.

As I write these words, I pray with all my heart to our creator “I believe and know that we must all come to the realization that our first duty is to honor and accept all of God’s creation through natures law”.

As our own mothers of birthright have unconditional forgiveness and compassion for her child’s wrong doing. She forever holds a knowing deep in her heart that one day her children shall come around by learning from their mistakes. Kindred is the Earth’s knowing that we as children of creation have been withheld in negligence for so very long. Now it is time for her keepers to re-awaken.

For this Mother Earth I thank you dearly. For this I make a solemn vow to aid in helping others learn to give back to our planet. This duty is the vital element in creating harmony amongst one another. We must come to the realization that each of us in times of trouble, no matter they mental, physical or spiritual. The Earth shares in our torment.

If we all came to acknowledge ourselves as walking sticks of God’s light. Then perhaps we could be on our way to a path of good. Coming together to heal ourselves and our Earth. Metaqueasan (We are all one) – HO!

Author's Bio: 

Matthew Stonewell Guilbault has been an all around artist, environmental advocate and business consultant for over 20 years. His main areas of endeavor remain primarily in environmental awareness, music, multimedia production, performance, public relations and business management.