Ahh the guilt of wanting something more! I don't know how many times I have heard this statement..."I should just be happy where I am. Many people would be thrilled to have my job." This is often said by someone with an unhappy, resigned look on their face. This person is usually, when you get to the core of it, scared to death to move forward and pursue their dreams. Robert Fritz said it so well, "If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want and all that is left is a compromise." When you hear yourself saying the word "should" you can be assured that a compromise is nearby! Filling your life with compromise is not a tactic which will lead to a passion-filled career or life. Instead it leads to boredom and a feeling of uselessness.

The feeling of unhappiness in your career is a red flag from your wise self saying, "Listen up! It is time to head a different direction." Sometimes this red flag will mean that it is time to change companies other times it is a call to a new career which you have been putting off and sometimes it is calling for a change in position or the beginning of a new business. Whatever the direction your intuition takes you, if you listen and follow you will be pleasantly surprised at where you end up.

One of the differences between successful people and those who spend their lives compromising is the willingness to follow their intuition. Successful people follow their intuition and have results that are almost monotonously positive. Most of us are not very tuned into our intuition and need to spend time learning to listen and feel. It begins with taking quiet time to just hear our inner voice. Then it is all about having the courage to follow that voice.

I am not advocating dumping the job and heading off towards your dreams unless you can financially afford it. What I am saying is to stop and take a look at what your voice is saying and honor it. Look at why you are unhappy with your work. Ask yourself what you need to be happy? What strengths do you have? Are you using them in this current job? What are your passions? Then begin with small steps to explore your interests and look for opportunities to begin your new path. Change that limiting belief "I should be happy where I am." to "I am excited about looking for new career or business opportunities." "I deserve to be joyful in my career." Life is way to short to turn your back on your dreams. Start today to listen to that wise inner voice and watch the adventures begin!

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