Being honest and also being generous in the sense of being willing to focus on the other person are the best pieces of dating advice one can have. These are strategies that lay a foundation for a healthy long term relationship.

But when we are in the business of attempting to attract a mate, thought we often put our best foot forward, but sometimes we cross a rather fuzzy line into actually misleading the other person. Lying in order to attract another person is at best a short term strategy - after all, at some point the truth will come out and the lies will be exposed. The best dating advice, then, is to be as honest as possible. Being so desperate that you lie about yourself will actually repel other people.

We do want to be attractive, and probably we know a lot about our own flaws. It certainly wouldn't be good dating advice to suggest that you talk about your troubles and trials on the first date. That is a very good way of not getting a second date. Instead, listen to the other person and if a struggle of yours comes up in conversation, don't turn it into a tragedy but don't deny it, either.

Truly the issue is maturity. A mature person is not self-centered, so on a first date, the mature person does a lot of listening to the other person and does not seek to show off. If you reveal all your gems on the first date, you won't have anything to share for the future. Also, you come off as if you are bragging, which is obnoxious to other people.

Still waters run deep - that is very good dating advice. A person who speaks when he or she has something to say but doesn't just chatter on and on is actually more interesting than someone who can't stop talking and talking and talking. A talker reveals an essential self-centeredness; an inability to listen and take interest in what other people say.

Likewise, if you are a 'still waters run deep' kind of person and you go out with a chatterbox, don't feel like that's the only fish in the sea. Don't settle for a person who apparently cannot take someone else's perspective. After all, the purpose of dating, and therefore dating advice, aside from having fun, is to see if a casual relationship might turn into something deeper and lifelong. Don't allow yourself to get caught up in a relationship with someone whose egocentrism prevents him or her from being supportive of you.

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