For every moment you are angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Where is your stress coming from? Inside or outside of you? Are you subconsciously adding to your feelings of frustration? Perhaps you are sabotaging your self by not being honest about what you need.
The first step to correcting a problem is to identify where we have a problem. Many times we don’t know what we don’t know. Once we know better, we do better.

Common frustrations and irritants that can be corrected to give us more serenity in life:

1. Skipping meals and poor nutrition
2. Food or environmental allergies. Especially dairy, wheat, peanuts
3. Trying to please everyone. It is impossible.
4. Poor organizational skills, so we have to spend time looking for needed items.
5. Constant noise, no time to think.
6. Self-medication with food, drink, medicine, nicotine or caffeine
7. Blaming other people or trying to control their behavior and choices.
8. Passive aggressive behavior. Speak up for what you need in an assertive voice.
9. Neglecting to recognize how many things you do right every day.
10. Living in the past or the future. Be grateful for today.

Occasionally happens in Work/Career Occasionally happens in Family/Personal
Chronic situations in Work/Career Chronic situations in Family/Personal

S—Stop your thoughts-you cannot think a positive and negative thought at same time.
T—Take a deep breath
R—Reflect on who owns the problem
E---Evaluate if it is worth a heart attack
S---See a picture in your mind of a calm sea, a green mountain, a soft blanket
S---Say out loud over and over; “This too shall pass.”

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Thank you. You do an important work. I believe in you.

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