Oh how the years slip away. Sometimes it does not seem like so long ago that you were still a twinkle in your mother’s eye. Then the glorious day finally arrived that was, in fact your arrival. Like most babies, you probably had the chubby cheeks going full force and too closely resembled a Shar Pei with all of your little rolls of skin. But not to fear, you would grow into your skin soon enough. And you did; you grew and grew, and time sped along like a kid boosting his dad’s Beemer for a joy ride.

Collagen had a pretty easy job back when you were younger. It was a strong and sturdy protein with nothing better to do than hang out and keep you together. And of course keeping the collagen cells together were the rough and tough fibroblasts. They were both the framework and the scaffolding of your collagen cells. Life is going well for you, with everything laying and pointing in the proper directions. You are likely not concerned with all the boring scientific jargon about what collagen is and how it works in your body. You have pretty skin without wrinkles, and that is what really matters – right?

Father Time Is Getting A Chuckle

The sands of time continue to pour against you, and your little collagen cells too as the winds of change howl a little bit. Or a lot. A sandstorm might get stirred up at anytime and leave you covered in gritty dirt, and who likes having a mouthful of that? Yuck. It is a safe bet that you will notice those teeny lines before you see the gray hair or the pimple on your chin. Where in the hee-haw did those skin lines come from? Are your collagen cells sleeping on the job?

Unfortunately the mighty collagen proteins have aged right along with you. An while they may still feel as spry as a day old puppy (or maybe a month old puppy), the fibroblasts are being pansies about it and beginning to weaken. You skin is destined to become more flaccid as time passes. You are not going to end up with jowls (well let’s hope not), but you will have lines and wrinkles. Is there a bright side to possibly ending up like Droopy the dog?

Muting The Fat Lady

In skin care there are a few options to help you deter the aging process: cosmetic surgery, Botox injections, and short term skin care products. While surgery is a popular choice for many men and women, it is also expensive and can be dangerous (as with all surgeries). Botox has been the fair-haired darling for a while now and has recently become more affordable and more accessible. But the effects fade much faster than you might prefer, and this means the added inconvenience of several trips to your dermatologist’s office.

The skin care industry has been booming lately with a myriad of products to give you smoother and healthier skin. Making a very good name for themselves regarding natural skin care and the prevention of aging signs is CollageneLife Intl. They believe firmly in exploring the science for a solution instead of going with chemically based formulas. They want to find out the “why” and “how” of the skin aging dilemma. The solution, in their opinion, is to build up your collagen cells rather than mask the effects of the cells’ break down. Only natural ingredients are used in creating all of their amazing products.

With CollageneLife you have some fantastic choices on how you want to rebuild the collagen cells; the absolutely incredible Natural Collagen Q5-26 Platinum gel works on the whole organ that is your epidermis, from your face to your most intimate areas. It is not just for anti-aging, but can be used to treat sun kissed skin, melanoderma (discoloration of the skin), and even some forms of eczema. And since the gel is so concentrated, you will only need a small amount. You will run out of wrinkles before you run out of Q5-26.

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